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150 Most Realistic Lion Tattoos And Their Meanings

Believe it or not, lion tattoos have been extremely gorgeous body adornments of many people all over the globe several years in the past and even up to these days. These tattoos are very popular among animal lovers. Lion designed tattoos have been the favorite of many for so many years now. Thus, it is no longer surprising why great numbers of tattoo artists worldwide are continually making some improvements on the lion art that will surely capture the hearts of every tattoo lover out there. In case you are one of those people who are still undecided what tattoo design you should choose, then these tattoos might stir the interests within you.

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The Lion, which is the king of beasts, is a symbol of power and strength in various cultures around the world and lion art is one of the original tattoo designs which continue to remain a favorite among tattoo lovers despite passage of time. Like the animal, the tattoos based on the lion theme have been a source of fascination for the human race for a long time, which is why artists from all over the world have been coming up with novel design ideas pertaining to the lion. These tattoos are eternally liked by men, who take it as a symbol of leadership and masculinity, but these look equally good when adorned on the body of a woman. This is the reason why lion art have evolved over a period of time, starting from simple designs to more complex ones, and even those in 3D tattoos.

The Lion Art in the History

Just like the numerous flower tattoos, lion tattoos are also being associated to a number of cultures in the entire world. These tattoos have great significance to the ancient people in the Middle East, Japan, China, India, and Africa. As a matter of fact, lions are starred on some folklore tales and mythology from these places. A lion is known to be the “King of Kings” and “King of the Jungle”, which is why it is representing the royal blood individuals or those who belong in the elite society. To show their great power in the entire world, Egyptians in the past were making lions as their slaves. This animal was also became an integral part of those people who practiced Christianism. Ancient Christians believed that a lion represented Jesus Christ, and it was the protector of those weak animals just like God who protected the entire human race.

Symbolic Meanings Of Lion Tattoos

Of course, the lion designed tattoos are not just for display purposes. They have their own important meanings that you should know, specially if you are one those tattoo buffs who are considering to have these tattoos on their body. The things that they represent will vary from one culture to another and from design to design. In other words, the specific design of a lion art can greatly affect its overall meaning. Here are some of the things that a lion art represents that you must take note of:

  • Leadership – In almost all cultures in the world in which lions are being associated with, such animal is believed to be a great symbol of leadership. Well, the very obvious reason for this is the fact that a lion is the “King of the Jungle” and every animal is afraid on it.
  • Power – The lion also means power since a lion is very powerful animal, specially in its kingdom. It is considered to be the most ferocious animal in the animal kingdom that is being praised as “King of all Kings”. This is the reason why a number of kings in the past were fond of tattooing lions on their body.
  • Confidence – Another thing that a lion represents is confidence. What do you think is the reason for this? Well, it is simply because lions are confident enough with their strength since they are the kings of the animal kingdom, and they are confident enough that no one would dare to challenge them. If you have a very strong confident nature, then having a lion art can surely match it.
  • Passion – Even there are a lot of animals that are very afraid to put a fight to the lions, it is still undeniable that lions are very passionate, specially when it comes to the animal kingdom. They love every animal that belongs to their kingdom, as long as these animals know how to respect them.
  • Generosity – Generosity is another thing that a lion represents. Even though lions are known to be extremely brave and fearless in nature, the generosity of these animals are absolutely admirable. They are very generous to some other animals, specially to those that respect them a lot. If you are a generous type of an individual, then showing to the other people how generous you are.
  • Loyalty – Despite the ferociousness of the lions, one thing that you will surely love about them is the fact that they are very loyal to those animals that are true to them. You will never be betrayed by these animals, as long as you will also do the same to them. They will even protect you from any enemy that you will be facing. That is how loyal the lions are. If you want to show your loyalty to the other people, then having a lion designed tattoo is the best thing to do.

Aside from those things mentioned above, a lion also symbolizes royalty, supremacy, and courage. In case you are that courageous just like the lions, then these tattoos would be great body arts for you.


Historical Significance

Lions occupied a place of significance in various cultures around the world, including Africa, India, China, Japan and the Middle East, where they were included in mythology as well as folklore. They were revered as the King of Kings and symbolized royalty and the elite class of the society. It is believed that lions were enslaved by the Egyptians to establish their supremacy and power. Besides ancient Egyptian culture, lions also form a part of the history of Christianity as Jesus Christ was represented by a lion, as lion is a strong animal who is supposed to protect the weak, as Jesus has come to protect the humanity against evil and sins. Just like the lion, lion art too considered as the symbols of leadership, courage, power and strength, which made them ideal for warriors and royal class of the society. Even in the zodiac, the star sigh Leo or The Lion stands for qualities like confidence, generosity, passion and loyalty, which form the personality attributes of a person belonging to this zodiac sign.

When we talk about tattoo designs, there are a large number of lion art designs, some of which express meanings different to those of other. In some tattoos, the lion may look peaceful, while others may depict it as a ferocious and dangerous animal. Also check our collection of Koi fish tattoos which is most popular Japanese tattoo design.


Lion tattoo designs have become hot favorites among men and women and they can commonly be seen inscribed on the chest, arm, neck, finger, back, hip, ankle, wrist, leg, shoulder, thigh and side of men and women.

Design Options For Lion Art

  • Lion Head Tattoo – One of the most common is the lion head, which stands for protection. Mostly, this design is featured on chest, back and shoulders and is preferred by men who want to impart strength to their look.
  • Lioness Tattoo – Just as the lion head tattoo is favored by men, a lioness tattoo is liked by women as it represents femininity and is liked by strong and ambitious women. They are chosen by women with strong and independent personalities.
  • Lion Family – Another well liked tattoo is the lion family, constituting of the lion, the lioness and their two cubs. Lion is considered as a family oriented animal, who returns to its family after its independent hunting spree. Such a tattoo stands for family unity and beauty of the wilderness.
  • Leo Tattoo – Leo tattoo is suitable for those who have their zodiac sign as Leo, or someone can be wild enough to have it tattooed for his loved one, who may belong to this particular sign. It may be put along with the birth date of the bearer to make it more personalized.

Other Popular Lion Tattoo Designs

There are numerous other tattoo designs such as the unique shredded skin design, a friendly looking cartoonish lion design and more artistic ones highlighting the bold features of this amazing creature. A popular design is a take on the lion character from the famous movie “The Lion King”. Another lion character which has been the inspiration for lion art designs is that of Aslan, the lion from “Chronicles of Narnia”, who is a gentle hearted lion, but can exhibit a great deal of ferociousness if facing danger of any kind. There is another popular design, in which the lion is featured wearing a crown, reinforcing his position as the King of the Jungle, and the ultimate leader among beasts. In this way, various designs among lion art are popular, but all these designs point to one deep hidden meaning- power, strength and leadership. While smaller tattoos may be seen on arms, the larger sized lion art can look great on the back area, as they can blend detail with the natural curves to give a beautiful look. On the other hand, sleeve tattoos are expensive, but are still popular. Another ideal part of the body where you can have a lion inked is the upper arm area, which offers plenty of space for the design to come out well, so that the features of the lion are accentuated to the best. Also you can check out most popular dreamcatcher tattoos of all time.

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Worth Considering Lion Art

Needless to say, there are a number of designs that you can take into account. These tattoo designs will have different meanings and symbolism. In other words, not all of these designs may fit for you. Always keep in mind that your tattoo will reflect your personality, so only choose the design that can best represent the real you. In connection to this, here are some of the gorgeous design options for lion art that you can consider having on your body:

  • The Lion Family Tattoo Design – One common and well-loved option is the lion family. As its name suggests, this design is composed of the lion itself, the lioness, and their babies. Two lion babies may be enough to complete the entire design. It is a great design since lions are known to be family oriented. They always return to their family after doing some prey-hunting activities. In case you are a family oriented man or woman, then this option would definitely be perfect for you. Such tattoo design depicts the extreme beauty of the wilderness and the essence of family unity.
  • Lioness Tattoo Design – The lioness tattoo design is another design that you should think about having on your body. The truth is, this design is perfect for women. Even so, this does not mean that men can no longer choose to have the lioness tattoo design. You still can of course, but make sure that you incorporate some more designs or accents that can make the entire art manlier. In this way, you will not end up looking feminine on your lion art. The lioness tattoo design symbolizes femininity, and this is well-loved by independent, ambitious, and strong women out there.
  • The Lion Head Tattoo Design – Another worth considering design is the lion head tattoo design. While the lioness tattoo design is the one being preferred by a number of women, the lion head tattoo design is the one that is usually chosen by those men tattoo lovers in the world. Protection is the thing that this particular design represents. Those men who want to show the world that they are strong and brave enough choose to have this tattoo on their body. The perfect parts of the body where such lion art is placed are shoulders, back, and chest.
  • Leo Zodiac Tattoo Design – There are also a lot of men and women tattoo lovers who are considering to have a Leo zodiac tattoo design on their body. You can adorn on your body specially if you are born under the zodiac sign of Leo. You can then put the exact date of your birthday around it in order to make the entire design even more fascinating to look at. The best thing about this particular design is the fact that you can also use it in expressing how much you love your partner. Just make sure that your partner was born under the Leo zodiac sign. With that being said, there is no way the essence of the tattoo can be lost.
  • Aslan – This particular design is one of the latest ones that you can take into account. The inspiration of this certain design is none other than Aslan, which was the lion character in the interesting Hollywood movie titled, “Chronicles of Narnia“. Aslan is a kind hearted lion in the movie. He is even very gentle to others. Even so, he transformed into a ferocious beast when he and his loved ones are in great peril. If you believe that you have the same personality with Aslan, then this art is the one that you should engrave on your body.


Lion tattoos are definitely interesting animal tattoos that can be engraved on your body, specially if you are an animal lover. There lots of designs that you can choose in these tattoos such as the Leo zodiac design, the lion head design, and the lioness design. Just make sure that you choose the design that perfectly fits for your personality.