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150 Most Popular Infinity Tattoo Designs and Meanings

Infinity is the symbol of endlessness, which is represented by a loop that looks like an 8 in a lying position. The infinity symbol was first conceived by John Wallis, a mathematician of the 17th century, to define a number which was endless and the number continues to be used till date in mathematics and many other aspects including tattoo art, in the form of infinity tattoos. This design is one of the simplest among tattoos and makes an ideal choice for the first timers as it is neither complicated in design, nor does it cost much to have done. Additionally, getting this tattoo design is less painful as there is not much intricate detailing involved in inking this particular tattoo design. To top it all, the infinity symbol tattoo design is rich in symbolic meaning, which along with the other factors, makes it one of the top choices among various tattoo designs.

They are undeniably becoming more popular these days among the men and women tattoo lovers in the entire world. It is simply because these tattoos are extremely beautiful to look at. Before, such tattoos are only opted by a lot of women tattoo lovers. But these days, there are already thousands of men tattoo lovers who love engraving the infinity sign on their body. Infinity is actually a loop that has a twist on its center, making it to look like the number “8”. The idea of infinity actually started as a philosophical idea of a number of ancient cultures. After some time, it started to become a popular subject for tattooing. If you are thinking that these tattoos are not that meaningful, then you are absolutely wrong. These tattoos are packed with meanings and symbolism. They even have rich and interesting history.

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Rich History

Since the idea of infinity all started in the ancient cultures, then there is no question about the fact that the infinity symbol have a very rich and interesting history. Just in case you do not know, the infinity sign is visible to the Saint Boniface cross. Saint Boniface was a famous missionary in the past who promoted the spirit of Christianity way back in the 18th century. It was during the times of Frankish Empire. However, the infinity symbol was actually not called as “infinity” when it was firstly introduced. It was during the 17th century when it was being called infinity, and the person who firstly used such name was none other than Mr. John Wallis. The infinity sign was then later on used as the symbol of the number 8, and it was the largest number of the Roman people.

Infinity Tattoos Meanings

As what being said, the infinity symbol tattoos are extremely meaningful and this is one reason why there are a lot of people who prefer having these tattoos on their body. Today, these are used by many in various forms and applications. However, it cannot be denied that their meanings are just the same. These tattoos simply mean that there will be no end of something. These also mean that there is no beginning of a certain thing. In other words, the infinity symbolizes the fact that there is no beginning and there is no end. It is such a puzzling idea, right? Furthermore, the infinity sign has two portions, and it means that there are two lives, things, or people that are joined together. This is the main reason why an infinity symbol tattoo is popularly used as a great symbol of love. The tattoo can also be related to life that life has no limitations. Life will never end in this world. Meaning to say, life will continue to exist in this world even in the near future.

Different Tattoo Designs for Infinity Symbol

Needless to say, there are a lot of designs that you can take into account when you are thinking of having an infinity tattoo. All of these designs are extremely gorgeous when it comes to their appearance. Meaning to say, there is no way they will not look great when engraved on your body. Here are some of the very beautiful designs that you can take into consideration for an infinite tattoo:

  • Religious Infinity Design – The religious infinity design is one common option of those tattoo lovers in the world who are Christians when it comes to religion. It is simply because an infinity symbol is greatly being associated to Christianism today and even in the past years. Some Christians have the symbol of the cross in both ends of the tattoo. There are even some Christians who incorporate it with some verses from the bible. It will actually depend on yourself how you want the tattoo to appear. Just make sure that the entire tattoo design will mean Christianism since this is the main purpose of this particular design.
  • Love or Heart Infinity Design – Well obviously, this is the common design choice of those couples or lovers in the world who are quite fans of tattoos. As its name suggests, this particular design will involve heart symbol or the word “LOVE”, along with the infinity symbol. They key here is to combine the two symbols creatively. You can have your idea realized. Just make sure that you talk to your hired professional artist first before finally starting the tattooing process. For as long as the entire design will exude love and infinity, the design would surely be alright to be engraved on your body since the purpose of the design is well served.
  • Names or Words Infinity Design – One other worth considering extremely gorgeous design for the tattoo is the name or word infinity design. This design may mean that the harmony or bond between the two persons is endless. It can be that the names or words are written in a way that they will form the infinity symbol. You can make use of your name and the name of your lover. Moreover, you can also decide to have your favorite sayings. There is no way it will not look good on your own body.
  • Double Infinity Design – One very common yet extremely gorgeous infinity symbol tattoo design is the double infinity. Yes, you read it right. There will be two infinity symbols that will be involved in this particular design. In this design, there are two infinity signs that are tangled together to form the desired design. This particular design will simply mean everlasting harmony, which is the main reason why there are so many couple tattoo lovers who are opting for this gorgeous design.
  • Family Infinity Design – Needless to say, the family infinity design is chosen by those people who have stronger bond with their own family. This can be a very interesting design since it will show how much you respect and love your family that you are more than willing to give your life for them. You should know that this design is also applicable to those who are not blood related but belong to a certain group who treats every member as a family.
  • Tribal Tattoo Design – Who would forget and not like the tribal design, by the way? Whatever kind of tattoo you are wanting to have, the tribal design is really a worth considering one. There is no way you will not love the entire design when it comes to appearance since a tribal design is really eye catching. You might become the center of attraction once you have this design engraved on your body.


Infinity symbol is considered as one of the most interesting designs, with its simplistic twist and loop, denoting something which has no end. When we go into the deeper symbolic meaning of this tattoo design, it can be used to signify a relationship which is endless and everlasting. It could be a relationship with a spouse, boyfriend, sibling, sister, mother-daughter, parents, children, friends or even, pets, as the tattoo bearer wants the tattoo to stand for. They also represents endless possibilities in life, for which there are no boundaries. This keeps inspiring us that life has endless possibilities and it is possible to achieve anything in life. Therefore, this tattoo can generate a new positivity in the life of the bearer and continuously inspire him to go for more.

Another deeper symbolic meaning associated with infinity symbol tattoo is the representation of everlasting cycle of birth and death, which is considered as the ultimate reality in several religions including Hinduism, Buddhism and Christianity. These religions believe that the physical body of a person dies, while the soul comes back in another form by getting reborn in another life and the circle continues eternally. For them, rebirth and reincarnation is the truth of life, on which the whole circle of life and death is based. The diverse meanings of the infinity symbol tattoos make them suitable for people with different kinds of beliefs and requirements. It can be inked on a person who is a dreamer by nature and is more into the deeper philosophies of life. Or, the tattoo can be used by loving couples to make a display of their love for each other, or may be, the love between siblings, parents and children or friends.

Most Popular Design Options

Most of the infinity symbol tattoos are small in size and are done in simple black or blue color, but the simplicity of the design, in no way makes a compromise with its aesthetic value and it always looks eye catching wherever it is placed on the body of the bearer. the basic design resembles the knots and loops as in Celtic tattoos, which represent the endlessness of life, with the continuous cycle of birth and death. In addition to a simple twist and loop design, the design can be incorporated with various other design elements to create something new and interesting. Tattoo artist are continuously bringing fresh ideas in infinity symbol designs, some of which are mentioned below:

Interestingly, these designs are most preferably inked on couples who want to signify the loving bond between them with the help of these tattoos. The relationship could be between lovers, siblings or friends, and the design can include the name of the partner to make it meaningful. Hearts can be added to the design to show endless love and passion between the couple.

  • Infinity Loop Design – The infinity loop can be wrapped around an intricate pattern of a plant with vines to make it look beautiful. Use of vibrant colors can make the simple looking design far more attractive.
  • Quote with Infinity Symbol – Another cool design is the one which adds a meaningful quote to the infinity sign. The quote can say anything about the eternal and everlasting bond of the bearer with a loved one.
  • Cross Infinity Design – Two infinity symbols intersecting through each other to make a cross sign gives a religious meaning to the tattoo design and tells about the religious belief of the bearer.
  • Yin-Yang with Infinity Sign – The symbol may be combined with yin and yang symbols to add a new look and meaning to this tattoo design. Swirls and twists in the loop can give it an amazing effect.
  • Bird with Infinity Symbol – Another element which may be included in the infinity symbol is a bird which symbolizes freedom.

A double infinity sign is another design which has gained great popularity in the recent times. Tribal designs can look wonderful in infinity patterns, in both men and women. In addition to all these designs, some other design elements which can be incorporated with infinity designs are snakes, birds, arrows, bows, ribbons, sun, moon, stars, skull, feathers, dreamcatchersanchor, butterflies, waves and triangles. The design elements can be chosen according to the taste and preference of the bearer and whether the tattoo is to be inked on a man or a woman. Men can have more of masculine elements included with the infinity tattoos like anchors, skulls and sun, while women can go for more subtle and feminine elements such as flowers, hearts, bows, butterflies and vines. Matching tattoos will contain exactly the same elements and have same designs for both the partners who want to profess their love for each other with the help of these tattoos.

infinity tattoos infinity tattoos infinity tattoos infinity tattoos infinity tattoos infinity tattoos infinity tattoos infinity tattoos infinity tattoos

infinity tattoos infinity tattoos infinity tattoos infinity tattoos infinity tattoos infinity tattoos infinity tattoos This symbol make a wonderful unisex design, which is popular among both, men and women of all ages and from all walks of life. They can be inked in a wide variety of designs and sizes, ranging from small to medium and large, which makes them very versatile. The size of the tattoo greatly determines its placement on the body of the bearer. Smaller sizes of the tattoos are suitable for wrists, ankles, behind the earback of the neck and as finger tattoos, while larger sized tattoos are suitable for side, back, shoulder, arm, belly, leg and chest, thighs. Ring finger tattoos with the name of the partner is an ideal choice as a wedding or engagement ring for a couple. They are also done in white ink, which look absolutely great. Another option of getting infinity symbol comes in the form of temporary tattoos as in henna tattoo art.

The essence and beauty of an infinity symbol tattoo lies in its simplicity and its meaningfulness. Perhaps, this is what makes this design a source of perpetual fascination among tattoo enthusiasts around the globe, with more and more of them asking the artists for unique designs. This tattoo design comes with a meaning; whichever culture or part of the world the bearer relates too, he can identify with the symbolic meaning of an infinity symbol. This is why the tattoos are equally popular in the Eastern culture as they are in the Western parts of the world.

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Placement Guide

Just like the infinity tattoo, it is very important that you know the best placements for such tattoo. In this regard, here are some of the common placements:

  • Tattoos on Arms – Your arms are said to be the perfect locations. You can decide if you will place it on the right arm, left arm, elbow, wrist, or in any other parts of the arms.
  • Tattoos on Chest – A lot of infinity symbol tattoo lovers also consider placing the tattoo on their chest. The tattoo will only be visible when you are topless.
  • Tattoos on Hips – Another good location that you can consider is the hips. Such placement can emphasize the beauty of their own hips, making it to be one of their body assets.
  • Tattoos on Back – When you want it to be seen by the other people around you, you can just cover it with your shirt.
  • Tattoos on Wrist–The number one body part that you can place is your wrist. You can have it in both of your left and right wrists.
  • Tattoos on Feet – Lot of ordinary people and celebrities are having a infinity symbol inked on this particular body placement.
  • Tattoos on Legs – Legs are also perfect locations. Legs are normally longer, so the particular illusion that you want to show with your tattoo can surely be achieved.
  • Tattoos on Stomach – Another perfect placement for this tattoo is stomach. This is a common option of many women tattoo lovers in the world who consider having infinity symbol tattoos.
  • Tattoo on Thigh –If you want to have your tattoos not that obvious to some other people, you can choose to place them on your thighs.

Final Words

Infinity tattoos are absolutely gorgeous tattoos that you can adorn on your body. If you want to stand out in the middle of a certain crowd, having these tattoos will surely help you. Even so, you should think about the infinity design you should choose many times before finally deciding which one to choose. In this way, you can avoid regrets in the future for choosing such particular infinity symbol tattoo design. For the body placement of the tattoo, also make sure that you consider a number of important things just like the fact that you are surrounded with very conservative people. These people may not like seeing some tattoos, so make sure that you place the tattoo in an area of your body where the tattoo can be easily hidden.