Dragon Tattoos 200+ Ideas

101 Best Dragon Tattoos For Men 2018

While most men get dragon tattoos because they look badass as body art, some guys will be interested to know that different cultures associate dragons with deep meaning. For instance, Chinese dragon tattoos can represent wisdom, intellect, power, passion and greed. Furthermore, because of the size and shape of these mythical creatures, it should come as little surprise that dragon tattoo designs continue to be some of the coolest types of ink for men.

In fact, because they can be large or small, simple or detailed, black or colorful, and combined with a skull, tiger, or snake, guys can ask their artist to place their artwork anywhere on the body. Below, we’ve compiled pictures of the best dragon tattoos. Whether you want a dragon arm, chest, back, forearm, shoulder, leg, or sleeve tattoo, these ideas will inspire you!

Dragon Tattoos

Best Dragon Tattoos

When you think of dragon tattoos, it’s easy to think of medieval times and fire-breathing mythological monsters, but cool dragons come in a variety of styles. For starters, let’s discuss the meaning of the dragon!

Asian Dragon Tattoos

Asian dragon tattoos are some of the most intricate of them all with their long, winding tails. Specifically Japanese and Chinese cultures tend to view dragons as good luck charms that can bring people strength, prosperity, and power. For body art that translates into masculinity, fortitude, and wealth, Chinese dragon tattoos are the right choice.

Chinese Dragon Tattoos For Men


Tribal Dragon Tattoos

If you’re a spiritual person, a tribal dragon tattoo may offer the symbolism you want. The image of the tribal dragon is supposed to represent nature, good fortune, bravery, superiority, and eternal glory. Tribal dragon designs are typically black and white, but range in size and placement.

Tribal Dragon Tattoos

Dragon and Tiger Tattoos

Per Chinese culture, dragons and tigers are mortal enemies. While both symbolize strength and power, the dragon utilizes wisdom and skill to better understand the world around it, and the tiger uses force and cunning. Japanese dragon and tiger tattoos can be incredibly symbolic of man’s inner struggle of brain versus brawn.

Dragon and Tiger Tattoo

Dragon and Skull Tattoo

The dragon skull tattoo provides a very raw take on the concept. Because the skull is often associated with death and destruction, a dragon and skull tattoo is meant to be edgy and menacing.

Dragon and Skull Tattoo

Dragon and Snake Tattoo

Much like tigers, snakes are said to be the enemy of dragons. In many ancient cultures, snakes are thought to be healers while dragons represent the raw destructive power of nature. If you find yourself thinking about the intersection between religion, superstition and science, a dragon and snake tattoo could be good artwork for you.

Dragon and Snake Tattoo

Cool Dragon Tattoo Ideas

Part of coming up with cool dragon tattoo ideas involves choosing where to get the ink, what colors to use, and even how small or simple the design should be. The possibilities are truly endless, but these unique ideas are certainly worth considering.

Dragon Tattoo Ideas

Dragon Sleeve Tattoo

For example, since an Asian dragon is known for its sheer length and size, you might consider a dragon sleeve tattoo with the winding tail wrapped around your arm as the focal point. In fact, some of the best dragon tattoo designs for arms and forearms stretch all the way to the shoulder, back and chest for a canvas that can accommodate the most intricate work.

Dragon Sleeve Tattoo

Dragon Back Tattoo

The dragon back tattoo is another popular option that looks intimidating and awesome. Some guys will pick a full body design to ink a complete mural on their back. Similarly, if you prefer the dragon and tiger idea, placing it on your back in the traditional yin-and-yang style – with the dragon on one side and the tiger on the other – is unique and inspiring.

Dragon Back Tattoo

Dragon Chest Tattoo

The most common dragon chest tattoo is usually comprised of the tail and body crawling up the arm and shoulder with the head resting on the chest. In other cases, you may also find guys opting for two dragon heads on both sides of the chest for symmetry.

Dragon Chest Tattoo

Dragon Shoulder Tattoo

The dragon shoulder tattoo can be artistically inked across the upper arm, bicep, and parts of the back and chest to create a beautiful masterpiece. Your artist can even incorporate other body parts to extend the drawings if you ever choose to expand on the work.

Dragon Shoulder Tattoo

Small Dragon Tattoos

Small dragon tattoos are best for areas like hands, wrists and legs. As an example, a dragon head tattoo that looks to be flying may be best-suited for a small area of your forearm. Likewise, a tiny and simple tribal dragon can fit on our hand, wrist, neck or calf.

Small Dragon Tattoos

Best Dragon Tattoo Designs

With so many amazing dragon tattoos for guys to explore, we have no doubt you’ll find inspiring artwork. Check out these breathtaking dragon tattoo designs to envision how different types of ideas will look on your body.

Full Body Dragon Tattoo

Dragon Forearm Tattoo

Small Dragon Tattoo For Men

Dragon Arm Tattoo

Dragon Leg Tattoo

Full Sleeve Dragon Tattoo

Upper Back Dragon Tattoo Design

Mythological Dragon Tattoo

Colorful Dragon Tattoo

Fire-Breathing Dragon Tattoo on Back

Awesome Dragon Tattoo Design on Back

Dragon Hand Tattoo

Dragon Wrapped Around Arm Tattoo

Cool Black and Gray Dragon Tattoo

Dragon Tattoo on Arm

Mystical Dragon Tattoo

Japanese Dragon Tattoo

Chinese Dragon Tattoo on Forearm

Awesome Dragon Tattoo on Shoulder and Chest

Badass Dragon Back Tattoo For Men

Medieval Dragon Tattoo

Dragon Chest Tattoos For Guys

Colorful Dragon Tattoo Ideas

Small Dragon Tattoo Ideas For Men

Tribal Dragon Tattoo For Men

Awesome Dragon Eye Tattoo Design on Upper Arm

Black and White Dragon Tattoo

Colorful Asian Dragon Tattoo on Arm, Shoulder and Chest

Badass Black Dragon Tattoo Design

Cool Dragon Tattoo Design

Blue Japanese Dragon Tattoo

Cool 3D Dragon Tattoo on Arm

Awesome Men's Chest and Shoulder Dragon Tattoo

Chinese Dragon Tattoo Design on Back

Cool Fire Breathing Dragon Tattoo on Chest and Arm

Two Full Sleeve Dragon Tattoo Designs

Mythical Creature Dragon Tattoo Design

Dragon Tattoo Designs For Guys

Amazing Blue Dragon Tattoo Idea