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Clock Tattoo – 300+ Image Ideas

80 Clock Tattoo Designs For Men

It’s been said that time is the most valuable thing a man can spend in his lifetime. With that in mind, it’s quite easy to see why the measurement of time can have such a meaningful impact.

When it comes to clock tattoos, there are numerous designs any man can go with. From the simplistic sundials to the ultra-complex pocket watch movements.

Regardless of what catches your eye, it’s important to understand the unique ideas clocks represent. For some men clocks can be a symbol of two things: Life and death. A simple explanation indeed, yet clocks can also provoke more deep thinking and thought.

For instance, hours, minutes and seconds can symbolize the perfection of time, which never stops or misses a single beat. They can remind of us of things like stability or even our own living existence. However, as time ticks on you might also view them as an idea of an endless infinity.

And while time never stop, you can be certain of one thing: It will always catch up to you.

No matter how you interrupt these instruments of time, I’ve put together a collection of 80 clock tattoo designs for men that are sure to inspire. From clocks with delicate roses to those bounded by unbreakable steel chains. These masculine men’s ideas will make you start thinking about your next future tattoo.

Clock Tattoo Meanings

Time is something that we all have in common, and it governs the way we exist. When we try to describe time, we find ourselves stumbling, yet we rely on it to go about our daily activities. Clocks are the machines we use to track time, and so it’s no wonder they’re a popular tattoo design. There are several variants of clock designs, which can represent anything from mortality to ancient wisdom. If you’re interested in learning more about the meaning behind clock tattoo designs, check out our list below!

Clock Tattoo Dictionary

Melting Clock: this classic image appears in Salvador Dali’s paintings, and it symbolizes a delusional or dynamic experience of time.

Flower Clock: the clock face combined with a rose represents everlasting love.

Grandfather Clock: this vintage design can symbolize ties to one’s past or nostalgia for an earlier time.

Pocket Watch: this eye-catching piece of jewelry honours special events in one’s life.

Prison Time Clock: this tattoo design features a broken clock without hands, and it signifies the prisoner’s long sentence.

Skull Clock: perhaps the most straightforward design, the skull clock represents mortality and death.

Stopwatch: this tattoo design usually honours a timed event in one’s personal life, like a personal best in a race.

Sundial: the sundial tattoo represents ancient wisdom.

Timeless Clock: this tattoo design features a clock face with no hands, and it symbolizes losing track of time or disregard for the passage of time.


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