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Wedding Ring Tattoo Ideas – Amazing Designs for Couples

Wedding Ring Tattoo Ideas – Amazing Designs for Couples

As the wedding ring tattoo is always visible just like a real ring everyone should choose the design that fits him or her most of all. Mostly such tattoos are inked on the ring finger but it happens that they are done on the middle finger or on the thumb. The most widespread variations are:

Wedding band tattoos: it is a simple way to demonstrate love and devotion towards the second part. It looks so easy but says so much about the honor, respect and infinite love.

Wedding ring tattoos with other complementing elements: the couples can get some small elements like initials, names, dates, stars, animated images, hearts, flowers etc. to the wedding ring designs.

Ornamental wedding ring tattoos: such tattoos contain some elegant and intricate patterns as Greek key tattoo or vine tattoo patterns.

You can choose the personal style of your ring tattoo as it can be done in Tribal, 3-D, realistic, Celtic or animated style.

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