Tattoo Ideas

The Mindful Guide to Tattoo Ideas & Design

Ok so you want to get a tattoo.

Whether it’s your first or twenty-first, you want it to be amazing – a beautiful stylish cool piece of self-expression to wear forever. But no matter how brilliant the tattoo artist you choose is, you still have to come up with the idea and design for your ink masterpiece.

Of course it can’t just be any idea or design.

You want it to capture that special something of you, that essence of your true self, that symbol of you that is so much more than what meets the eye. Something you won’t find by ‘googling’ other people’s tattoo ideas, or using the ‘logical’ reasoning they drilled into you at school.

Which is why a mindfulness approach to creating your next tattoo is so important.

In this course, you’ll discover techniques and exercises to help quiet that restless, indecisive ‘monkey mind’ inside of you, and deep dive into your subconscious to uncover your most significant ideas, events, transformations and beliefs. Then priorities them in order of significance before exploring the most personal, creative ways to express them in your tattoo design.

In less than a week, you will have created the incredibly powerful, personal, and unique tattoo that you will love and be proud of forever.

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