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Temporary Halloween Tattoos

Celebrate your Halloween with temporary Halloween tattoos!


Happy Halloween!

I’m Bruno. I’m part of the customer service team at Tattoo Manufacturing. Today, I’ve invited a few special guests to show us how they use temporary tattoos to make their Halloween costumes extra special.

Wow! This is our friend “The Zombie”. He’s wearing some realistic looking wound and scar tattoos. Very scary! Thanks for comin!

Hey Witchie! I bet those temporary tattoos were a lot easier to put on the face paint. It was nice seeing you. Bye witchy!

Here’s Sam, one of our artists showing off our newest day of the dead design. These tattoos are great for Halloween costumes, masquerade parties or to wear on the day of the dead. Thanks, Sam!

Hoo! We have a very cute devil here. She’s wearing a very basic costume but she’s made it extra special with temporary tattoos. Thanks for comin! You look smokin!

Here’s our friend “The Ghost”. The ghost is wearing some of our glow in the dark tattoos. Even in the dark, everyone can see ghost when he is trick or treating. See you later!

Once you perfected your costume, you may want to use temporary tattoos in few other ways. If you’re trying to limit sugar this Halloween, consider using Halloween temporary tattoos instead of the usual candy. Your neighbors will appreciate the fun alternative to the usual candy bars.

If you’re short on time, skip the messy pumpkin carving. Instead, decorate with easy to use temporary tattoos. Your tattooed pumpkin will last much longer than a carved pumpkin and we have several fun designs to choose from.

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