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17 Classic Wrist Tattoo Ideas That Will Always Be Timeless — PHOTOS

Deciding to get a tattoo is a big deal, regardless of whether it’s your first time under the needle or not. But for a tattoo virgin, the stakes are arguably even higher when it comes to picking a design and spot that won’t be hated later. Classic wrist tattoo ideas are always a great place to start for inspiration, IMO, although what you choose to ink is entirely your decision.

It’s true that some timeless designs can be mistaken as cliché, even though I personally wouldn’t consider them to be basic. Roses, doves, and literary text tattoos are pretty common, but no two designs ever have to look exactly the same. Your ideas combined with your tattoo artist’s vision will usually result in a unique piece of art, even if you’re not the only one with an anchor etched onto your skin. Besides, a tattoo’s meaning varies from one person to another. That alone will guarantee your tat to be an original.

The wrist can be the perfect spot for a classic tattoo. Minimalist designs, handwritten script, and just about anything you can imagine make for stunning wrist tattoos. Consider getting one of these 17 classic tats that you can customize into body art that’ll stand the test of time.

1 . Flying Doves

Doves are one of those tattoos that have so much symbolism associated with them. You could even go with dove silhouettes, simply because they’re dainty and adorable. Either way, this is a clean design that will never feel dated.

2. A Rose

Rose tattoos have been around forever. I’ve seen them done in so many ways: Realistically, in black-and-white, stemless, in a full bouquet, you name it. But for such a classic image, I’ve never seen the same design twice.

3. Cute Quote

You can never go wrong with marking your wrist with an inspirational quote. It’ll serve as the perfect daily reminder of something you cherish.

4. Minimalist Tat

IMO, getting a minimalist tattoo is one of the best ways to go about your first ink job. You can get your feet wet by starting off small, and always add to it later. Plus, minimalist designs can be exquisite despite their simplicity.

5. A Heart

A heart is yet another timeless tattoo idea. They can be as simple as a solid black micro heart or as complex as an anatomical version of this universal love symbol. The dot work on this particular heart is so eye-catching.

6. Literary Text

It doesn’t get any more classic than a literary text tattoo. Show your devotion to books by tatting your favorite line from a timeless piece of literature onto your wrist.

7. A Butterfly

Adorable creatures like lady bugs and butterflies are continuously inked for a reason. They’re just such beautiful tats.

8. Portrait Of A Loved One

There’s no way you couldn’t forever adore a tattoo of a loved one. Paying homage to your pet, family member, or a close friend is a choice you’ll hopefully never regret.

9. A Dandelion

I’ve seen them time and time again, but dandelion tattoos still make me smile. Combining the scattered seeds with flying doves makes for an adorable design that doesn’t even have to have a deeper meaning.

10. Dainty Flower

Roses aren’t the only classic tattoos out there. Your favorite flower in bloom will be the perfect image to brighten your day. Adding a name or message written in an elegant script for the stem is also a beautiful way to make your flower an original.

11. Handwritten Script

Etching a message in a loved one’s unique penmanship is a lovely alternative to tatting their portrait. Even their name scrawled in their own handwriting could make for a sentimental tattoo.

12. Arrows

Whether you like arrows for their simplicity or you connect with what they can represent, they’re worth considering inking onto your body. This minimalist arrow combines several symbols to make a simple tat with a complex meaning.

13. Botanical Tat

Along with flowers, any nature-based tattoo can be a feminine and romantic addition to your collection of ink. Olive branches, sprigs of rosemary, and pine trees are stunning examples.

14. Matching Ink

If your loved ones are down to get some matching ink, I say go for it. It’ll be a one-of-a-kind brand that you’ll all be proud to wear and a special display of your deep bond.

15. Mandalas

Mandalas never cease to amaze me, what with their intricate line work and shading. As popular as they are, their unique blend of patterns ensure no two designs will ever be the same. If you choose one for your next tat, all eyes will likely gravitate towards your wrist.

Because of mandalas’ highly spiritual and cultural origins in Asia, however, it’s important to be mindful of cultural appropriation when embarking on the design process.

16. Charm Bracelets

Give yourself some permanent arm candy with a tattoo bracelet. Your design can include several layered bands, as well as any charms your heart desires.

17. World Map

Travel-oriented tattoos like ships, waves, and skylines are seemingly always in demand. You can even show off your wanderlust with a world map outline. Keep it minimal for a straightforward tat or throw in some watercolor splashes for an abstract design filled with vivid hues.

With a classic wrist tattoo, you hopefully won’t have to worry about ending up with something you’ll want to cover up in a few years. Trends fade, but your timeless design will always be a winner.

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