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Tattoo Artist Magazine – Black and Grey Tattoo Designs & Ideas by Robert Pho Black and Grey Tattoo Designs & Ideas by Robert Pho

Tattoo Artist Magazine is a self published, print & digital Magazine project created by TAM and the world’s most influential tattoo artists. Our goal is to educated artists and enthusiasts alike, around the world.

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Our Goal is to present the entire TATTOO COMMUNITY with a body of work that reflects and respects its traditions and its artists. Safety and Quality body art is our passion. Our goal is to educate people about what PROFESSIONAL TATTOOS should look like and HELP each of them obtain quality pieces of body art from the most respected, world-renowned Tattoo Artists. EVERYONE DESERVES to have GOOD TATTOOS!

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The Skin Design Tattoo studio is a place of inspired and imaginative self-expression. We blend traditional principles with modern safety standards. All of our artists hold all licenses and have a vast knowledge in the tattoo and piercing field. We have a comfortable working atmosphere and a friendly staff.
You will find our studio filled with inspired artwork along with numerous plaques of magazine write-ups and trophies for our work. We are not the typical studio.
Our new studio is on the Southwest corner of Spring Mountain and Valley View in Chinatown at 3963 Spring Mountain Road, Las Vegas, NV 89102. Vic, Andy and Pako all tattoo from this location.
Roberts is tattooing at our studio is located on the Northwest corner of Eastern and Russell at 5645 S Eastern Ave Suite 10 Las Vegas, NV 89119.
Come by the studio or contact us with any questions you have. We are always happy to help you.

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Black & Grey Tattoo Ideas
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