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Rose Tattoo Ideas – tricks how to choose the best style

In the world of raising popularity of tattooing many people face dilemmas such as what tattoo style to get, or which tattoo artists to pick.
In this video we tried to explain couple of most popular tattooing styles and differences between them.

We are here to help you understand what it is all about and we are hoping you will find it useful.
Wondering how to choose a Tattoo that’s right for You?
Getting Your first tattoo?
How to choose tattoo placement?

Thanks to all the artists work we have included in our video

Chuli Gonzalez – @chuligonzaleztattooer
Myke Chambers – @mykechambers
Brian Povak – @Brian_povak
Eneko Etxebeste – @enekotattoo
Jacob J Gardner – @jacobjgardner
Andrew Marsh – @littleandytattoo
Andrew Audish – @audtattoos
Bruno Santos – @brunosantostattoo
Eva – @evakrbdk
Ivana Tattoo Art – @ivanatattooart
Kreska Tattoo – @kreska_tattoo
Levgen (Eugene Knysh) – @levgen_eugeneknysh
Piotr G.I.E – @piotrgietattooer
Matteo Prosa – @prosa_tattooer
Remis Cizauskas – @remistattoo
Sasha Unisex – @sashaunisex
Xoil – @xoil
Daniel Flowers – @danielflower
Uncle Paul Knows- @uncl_paul_knows

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