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Name Tattoo Ideas

Name tattoos can be extremely personal and meaningful. If they are the names of your children or grandchildren, or even nieces or nephews, or a beloved pet, they can mean so much for a lifetime. If they are of a significant other, however, it can be a gamble. It may be the most meaningful tattoo you ever decide to get, but it can also be a terrible regret of a tattoo if you ever split apart from your loved one. For those of you who have made this mistake, you know the regret and embarrassment it can create. Laser tattoo removal or clever cover up tattoo designs may be needed. For those of you who are still with the person who you have permanently inked onto your skin, kudos! Hopefully it will last your whole lifetime! Whatever the reason and whoever’s name you decide upon to get a tattoo, it should still be well designed and unique. Check out these Name Tattoo Ideas for inspiration.

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