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My Horror Themed Tattoo Sleeve!

Hey Guy’s !

I’ve finally done it!! I said months ago that I would do an In depth video about my full tattoo sleeve and here it is! – Picked a great time of year to do it also 😉

I love horror films – even though they scare the crap out of me – but I find a lot of them visually awesome (like the video tape from The Ring) Anything spoopy is my kinda jam!

So join me on this spooktacular adventure
Where I show you a Haunted house, Dead trees, A graveyard, Samara (the ring) crawling out of a well, a sinister looking female, a raven, a bleeding heart and a smokey skull !

This is part one of three I thought I would do a series on all my spoopy tattoos !

So join me in my Youtube Halloween Party!
Videos coming at ya like bats in the night!


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