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Friendship Tattoo Ideas; Matching, Themed, Rings, Names & Opposite Tattoos

A true friend is hard to find. As you get older you will realize that one or two people that you have known in your life are true friends. The kind of friend that will never leave your side no matter how hard it gets. A friendship Tattoo is great way to commemorate your friendship. Here are a few friendship tattoo ideas that might inspire or aid in creating new ideas.
Friendship Tattoo Ideas; Matching Tattoos

Matching tattoos are when you get the same tattoo in the same part of the body as your friend. This could be something as simple as a name or something complex that both of you decide on. The tattoos should be identical and be inked by the same artist. Each artist has their own style and if inked by another artist, it might not be identical.
Themed Friendship Tattoos

Themed tattoos are another friendship tattoo idea. What do you both get into? Video games? Sports? Decide what theme you want and go for it. For example, if you and your friend are into sports and love the Denver Broncos, then get Bronco themed tattoos together. Even when separated the Bronco tattoo will remind you of good times with your friend watching the game.
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