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Dallas Cowboys Tattoos Ideas | Cool Tattoos Designs 2017

Dallas Cowboys Tattoos Ideas | Cool Tattoos Designs

The Dallas Cowboys powerhouse has been a staple of the NFL since their founding in 1960. Since then, they’ve won more NFC championships than anyone else, share the record for Super Bowl appearances, and are second only to the Steelers in Super Bowl wins.

Though the team has suffered the ups and downs that every club in the league has seen, the Cowboys have been able to ride those crashing waves upwards.

As of 2015, they’re not only the most valuable team in the NFL, they’re the most valuable sports team in the world, estimated to be worth around $4 billion. And it’s not just the money they have, there’s also the pedigree. Some of the finest players in the league have worn the blue and white, such as Roger Staubach, Tom Landry, Deion Sanders, Troy Aikman, and Emmitt Smith.

With money and history on their side, America’s Team has no shortage of rivalries, with some of them being the oldest and strongest in the league. The Cowboys/49’s rivalry is a perfect example, each team fighting the other for a seat at the table in the playoffs with some regularity.

Of course, they’re also up against the Giants and Eagles as divisional rivals, and currently the Cowboys lead both in their respective matchups. However, there’s no rivalry more famous in all of sports than the Cowboys/Redskins grudge, a dislike that extends both on and off the field.

For a Cowboys fan, the lineage of the Dallas Star and the incredible history makes for a perfect excuse to get inked. For some inspiration on how to show your loyalties, take a look at our Cowboys gallery below.

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