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69 Attractive MERMAID Tattoos Designs & Meanings For 2017

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For centuries, people around the world have been using tattoo art to adorn their bodies and they have been drawing inspiration from some of the most amazing elements to create fabulous designs for the body. One of the most unusual and alluring tattoo designs is mermaid tattoos, which use this beautiful mythical creature as the basic element. Mermaids have been a part of folklore and fairy tales and no one knows whether they exist in real or not, but people keep coming up with stories of their sightings, which makes them even more fascinating for the human race. Today, these beautiful mermaid tattoos have become a great choice for tattoo enthusiasts as well as artists because they have a mysterious quality about them.

== More about Mermaids

Mermaids have had a close association with the seas as it is believed to be their home. Legends have reported mermaids to have been sighted by sailors and divers on many occasions, but there is no definite proof to their existence in the real world. A mermaid is described as half woman half fish, with the upper part being that of a woman and she has always been regarded as a stunning beauty, with lovely eyes, flawless skin and long beautiful tresses. Lower down, her body is that of a fish, covered with shiny scales and having a tail fin at the end. It is believed that she is not only been blessed with a beautiful face, but also a soulful voice and it is her song which she uses to entice men, as mentioned in the legends about this graceful creature. Legends have defined mermaids as captivating and deceitful creatures, first luring innocent men with their melodious song and then embracing them and taking them along into the depths of the ocean. Folklore has associated them with mystery and danger, saying that no one has yet come back alive from the clutches of a mermaid.

== Placement Of Mermaid Tattoos

The most popular design of mermaid tattoos is the full length picture of the mermaid, which is best suited to be inked on the legs, arms/forearm and shoulder area of the bearer. Such a tattoo demands more space, which makes it good for placements like the ribs (side), chest, stomach and the back area. Mermaid sleeve tattoos are also quite popular particularly amongst men, because they seem to narrate a tale of their own. Expert tattoo artists can make use of their creativity and imagination to make innovative designs in tattoos centered round the mermaid. Such tattoos actually have a story to narrate which makes them even more alluring and fascinating.

== Mermaid Tattoo Designs

Mermaids are creatures who combine beauty and mystery, making one of the rare and attractive combinations which have always drawn attention. As a result, mermaid tattoos have attained a status of desirability and popularity among tattoo lovers. There was a time when mermaid tattoos were considered apt for people linked with the sea such as the sailors and fishermen, but today people from all walks of life are having these tattoos inked with great commitment. Women love these tattoos because of their aesthetic beauty as well as feminine qualities. These tattoos are also linked with playfulness and independence, which give a special symbolic meaning to them and enhance their popularity manifold. Various elements can be combined with the mermaid to create some amazing patterns. Here are a few wonderful and gorgeous mermaid tattoo designs:

Pin up mermaid tattoo is an attractive version of the seductive pin up girls tattoos. It is the sexy expression on her face which makes the tattoo all the more special
Little mermaid tattoo is another popular option in mermaid tattoos which is much loved because of its innocent looks
Mermaid on the rock is a classic design which depicts a mermaid, sitting on a rock by the sea side, waiting for her soul mate
A mermaid with flowing hair looks absolutely gorgeous when inked on the skin.

Mermaids are regarded as the daughter of the Sea God, Poseidon. In such tattoo designs, the mermaid is shown sitting on the shell throne of her father.

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