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18 Beautiful Moon Tattoo Designs

A collection of 18 great quality photographs of one word little tattoos, some of which are made by some of the best small tattoo artists in the world.

The moon has such a huge energy. Ocean tides rise and fall to the phases of the moon. All of life is affected by the moon, especially night life.

It can ground you, or you may even feel alterations in your mood. The moon can drive one mad (or “lunatic”) and may also offer comfort during the changing phases of a woman’s menstrual cycle.

The moon is symbolic of the feminine power and fertility. Many goddesses in myth are associated with the moon this is to convey hidden power, secret wisdom and quiet influences.

No matter where you are in the world you can appreciate the beauty of our moon. Moons are dark and mysterious and if you appreciate fables and tales, you may find a full face man on the moon tattoo to be a whimsical choice.

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Title: BirdBrainz
Singer: Otis McDonald
Album: YouTube Audio Library


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