Space Tattoos

Space Tattoos – 300+ Picture Ideas

63 Space-Inspired Tattoos For People Who Are Fascinated By The Universe

Some of these galactic ink-jobs are out of this world.

Unless you’re one of those people who insist that the world is a flat-dish on God’s dining room table, you’re probably extremely fascinated by the vastness of space and all of the mysteries contained within it.

Here at Mpora, we love space. We love learning about it, we love going to the cinema and seeing it represented on the big screen, and we love how unbelievably massive it is. We’re not entirely sure that we love it enough to get an aspect of it tattooed onto our skin, but maybe that’s just us.

Have a look below, and tell us what you think about these cosmic inkings. Are they rad like Star Wars: Episode VII, or horrendous like the eye-stabbing remake of Lost In Space featuring Joey from Friends?

1) The Entire Galaxy…On One Shoulder

2) Not Cosmically Accurate…But Pretty Cool

3) BB-8? BB-GR8

4) Cardboard Boxes And Nipple Rings In Space

5) Personification Of The Sun

6) It’s All Happening In This One

7) Spaceman Came Travelling

8) Is That An Asteroid? No. It’s A Sore Nipple

9) Purple + Blue + Black = Space

10) Topless? In Weather Like That?!

11) UFOs Doing Their Thing

12)  Darth Vader Sound Effects Not Included

13) Space Owl

14) Breaking Through Walls With A Star-Cutter

15) Bit Like That Jaffa Cake Advert

16) Goths In Space

17) Just Your Standard Cosmic Deer

18) “Technically Speaking, Pluto Isn’t A Planet”

19) Trippin’ Balls

20) Crazy Socks, Dude!

21) “If You Liked It, You Shoulda Put A Ring On It”

22) Icecaps Melted…Ended Up In Space

23) Check Out That Swivel Stool

24) Using Mind-Magic Up In Space

25) Red Hot Shoulder…Should Get That Checked Out

26) It’s A Cool Space Tattoo…Or A Nasty Bruise


28) Death Wearing The Milky Way As A Hat

29) Best. Bench. Ever!

30) The Cosmic Scales

31) Big Shout-Out To The All-Seeing Eye-Pyramid

32) Tree, Two, One…NASA…We Have Lift-Off

33) Ringed Planets Are The Best Kind Of Planet

34) Another Bangin’ Shoulder Galaxy

35) Space, DNA…You Know…Science Stuff

36) Painful Sunburn Meets Space Tattoo

37) Yep…We Think Space Is Pretty Sick Too

38) Tattooist Climbed In And Was Never Seen Again

39) You Still Looking At Space Tattoos?

40) “What’s This? I Asked For The Chelsea FC Badge”

41) Diamond Tattoos Are Forever

42) Ignore The Armpit Hair, If You Can

43) When The Mayo Goes Past Its Use-By Date

44) The Martian

45) Space Stuff All Over The Arm

46) Paranoid Android

47) “I Want Darth Vader…On Roses…On My Face”

49) Nice Pink Floyd Vibes

50) A Tribute To The Unicorn Nebula

51) Simple, Yet Effective

52) A Sneak Peek Into The Cosmos

53) The Sun And Moon

54) Saturn On The Side

55) A Watercolour Paint-Spill

56) A Journey Through Space

58) The Changing Of The Moon

59) Face…In Space

60) That’s One Way To Cover A Tribal Tattoo

61) The Northern Lights

62) Saturn…Again

63) NSFW! NSFW! *Shuts Down Laptop*