Elephant Tattoo – 275+ Image Ideas

37 Mind Boggling Elephant Tattoo Designs

If you have always wanted to get a powerful tattoo with multiple meanings, an elephant tattoo design could be right one for you. Elephants are beautiful, revered, calm, but also frightening creatures. Elephants are usually calm animals, but when wronged, they turn into powerful foes. They are also loyal, dedicated and noble animals.

In Hindu, the elephant is the God of luck and fortune. Elephants are also seen as blessings upon new projects! So, an elephant tattoo symbolizes that you are an unstoppable force on the hard road to accomplishing your goals. You, just like the elephant, bulldoze obstacles in your way.

In Christianity, the elephant symbolizes patience and chastity.

Why do some people choose to get elephant tattoos? Because the animal is an intoxicating statement of both power and grace; patience and determination. The perfect tattoo for the gentle warrior within us.

Here are our top 37 mind-boggling elephant tattoo designs.

1. A Loving Creature

37 Mind Boggling Elephant Tattoo Designs

Image Source: Tattoo Studio 81 @Instagram

As mentioned before, elephants indeed do represent many things. This tattoo shows how this creature is loving, calm, yet powerful at the same time. It shows an elephant’s ability to coexist peacefully with the rest of the world, befriending everyone, while showing off its strength.

2. Love Is in the Air

What is the first impression you get when you see an elephant? That it is big, scary, or maybe even not approachable? You know what they say, don’t judge a book by its cover. This tattoo represents that everyone has a soft side (even big elephants!). So, if you are someone who is not very affectionate, try getting this tattoo. It may help people see more easily what a loving (and lovely) person you are!

3. Bold and Beautiful

37 Mind Boggling Elephant Tattoo Designs

Image Source: Nayana @Pinterest

Are you up for an adventure? Elephant tattoo designs do not have to be small and cute. They can be big, bold and beautiful! Take this one for example. The elephant looks big, powerful, and beautiful at the same time. All these inner patterns can represent different things, but one thing is for sure. They make this girl look brave. Would you dare to get a tattoo this big on your body?

4. Big and Strong

37 Mind Boggling Elephant Tattoo Designs

Image Source: Nayana @Pinterest

Now, here is one question for the girls (and some guys). Did you ever wax your thigh area? If you did, you know how much it hurts, and well, this tattoo must have hurt too. If you want an elephant tattoo design that could represent your strength, beauty, and the fact that you pay a lot of attention to details, then a design like this is perfect for you.

5. Colorful Nature

Don’t you love nature and all its wonders? If you want to stress out how much do you love it, then portray it in its best. A baby elephant and its parent… This is a beautiful landscape and can represent a parent’s love, care, affection, and the willingness to do everything for their child. Just look at this mom (or dad) elephant. It looks so calm, but pay attention to its eyes. Careful, as always.

6. Baby Elephant

7. Lady Elephant

37 Mind Boggling Elephant Tattoo Designs

Image Source: alybeebaby @Instagram

We do not support or condemn this girl’s beer advertisement, nor her drinking habits. We would simply like you to pay the attention to her elephant tattoo on the second picture. Sadly, it is cut off, but from what you can see it looks beautiful. It seems that this elephant tattoo design represents a “lady elephant.” You can see the jewelry, eyes, and feathers. This tattoo is perfect for those ladies who would like to express their feminine side, along with their strength and independence.

8. Elephant Masterpiece

If you are an artistic soul, in love with nature, colors, and art, then this tattoo is the perfect one for you. Usually, elephant tattoo designs are made with black, or gray ink, because of the color of the elephants. But, bringing more life into your tattoo can make it be more special, while, of course, it shows off the things you wanted it to. Your free, artistic spirit.

9. Cute Flying Elephant

37 Mind Boggling Elephant Tattoo Designs

Image Source: Nayana @Pinterest

If you are in love with elephant tattoo designs, but you just don’t want your tattoo to receive a lot of attention, then a small, and cute tattoo like this is the perfect choice for you. It can be easily hidden, but also, you can show it off whenever you feel like showing it off. Also, the simplicity of the design is what gives this tattoo a special charm.

10. Colorful Elephant Thigh Tattoo

37 Mind Boggling Elephant Tattoo Designs

Image Source: Nayana @Pinterest

There is something special, sexy, and awesome about thigh tattoos. Especially when they feature an animal. An incredible tattoo like this can show off you energetic, naughty and mischievous nature. If you are as dauntless as you think you are, then go ahead and try this design out.

11. Fun Baby Elephant

37 Mind Boggling Elephant Tattoo Designs

Image Source: alxtattunes @Instagram

12. Hidden Treasure

13. Pure Design

37 Mind Boggling Elephant Tattoo Designs

Image Source: puretatts @Instagram

There is something incredibly beautiful about these simple, pure, white tattoos. Tattooing a white elephant may be a sign of your nobility and purity. Also, have you heard of albino elephants? In some cultures, they are a symbol of the divine and they are revered more than other elephants. An albino elephant is special, and if you want a tattoo of one because you saw it consider yourself specially blessed.

14. Love Conquers it All


Have you heard of this “love conquers it all” saying? It may be a love for elephants, for your significant other, your friend or a family member. This tattoo shows your love, care and affection towards a person you love. And in tough times, just by looking at it, you may be reminded of all the good things in life. This tattoo would be even more special if the person you have devoted it to gets one too!

15. Elephant Family

37 Mind Boggling Elephant Tattoo Designs

Image Source: becc_cook @Instagram

Is your family what matters to you the most? If so, then why don’t you tattoo it? Of course, getting the faces of your family members on your skin can be far too complicated. Instead, why don’t you compare them with cute little elephants? The biggest one can be the father, the smallest one could be the youngest child, a bit bigger one can be the other child, and the mother can be the one standing next to the father, watching her kids grow up.

16. Watercolor Elephant

37 Mind Boggling Elephant Tattoo Designs

Image Source: josiesexton @Instagram

Don’t you love watercolors? They just look so fun, bright and they make people happy. Well, at least they make me happy. If you are up for a cute and fun tattoo design, then get yourself one cute and fun watercolor elephant. You won’t regret it!

17. Another Cute Watercolor Elephant


This watercolor elephant is as cute as the previous one. But, this one also shows off a bit of how cool, fun, and brave you are. Why brave? Well, it is a big tattoo and it will sure as hell attract everybody’s attention. So, if you are that person, big and colorful elephant tattoo designs are the right choice for you.

18. “The One”

37 Mind Boggling Elephant Tattoo Designs

Image Source: Nayana @Pinterest

Every person has his/her “the one.” No, I’m not talking about the love of your life, I am talking about the one who has been there for you when you were at your lowest, who helped you rise when you fell, who is willing to do it all for you. It may have been your mother, your father, your sister or even the love of your life. Whoever it is, you may want to pay a little tribute to that person. And there is no better way than getting this incredible tattoo.

19. Butterphant?

37 Mind Boggling Elephant Tattoo Designs

Image Source: pelaezarte @Instagram

I know it’s not just me and that you see it too! This is one-of-a-kind elephant tattoo. Because it’s not entirely an elephant. It is an elephant and a butterfly at the same time – a butterphant. Or, does an elefly sound better to you? If you want something no one else has, then out of all elephant tattoo designs, this is the one for you.

20. “The One” II

37 Mind Boggling Elephant Tattoo Designs

Image Source: Nayana @Pinterest

21. Illustrated Baby Elephant

37 Mind Boggling Elephant Tattoo Designs

Image Source: kimryxii @Instagram

22. Girly Elephant

23. A Lucky Charm

37 Mind Boggling Elephant Tattoo Designs

Image Source: Nayana @Pinterest

Do you believe in lucky charms? People say that elephants bring good luck, and this one looks like a lucky charm to me! If you are a sucker for cute tattoos and lucky charms at the same time, then this is the perfect choice for you!

24. Finger Elephant Tattoo

37 Mind Boggling Elephant Tattoo Designs

Image Source: Nayana @Pinterest

Finger tattoos are very subtle and interesting. So, what would happen if you combined an elephant and a finger tattoo? An amazing elephant finger tattoo! Now, you can get the one like on the picture above, or simply do one of those previously mentioned cute little elephants. It’s up to you!

25. Simple Elephant Tattoo

This is simplicity at its best. This tattoo is so simple but effective at the same time. You can see the creativity that lies in the person who got her body inked, and also that probably simple things in life can make her happy. And, honestly, it should always be the small and simple things that make us happy.

26. Madame Elephant

Isn’t it gorgeous? If you want a tattoo that perfectly represents your feminine side, along with your mystery and boldness, then you should ink yourself with this one!

27. A macho-phant

Sorry guys, we paid more attention to the beauty of the elephants rather than their strength. If you are a guy who wants an elephant tattoo that would represent his strength, size, bravery and other macho things at once, then have a look at this example. It is all you have been looking for, right?

28. Manly-Man Elephant Tattoo

37 Mind Boggling Elephant Tattoo Designs

Image Source: bertonii @Instagram

29. Mirror on the Wall…

31. Father Love

Tattooing your child’s face on your body can go wrong in so many ways. Instead, you may show your love and the wish to protect your child with elephants. You can see the love and willingness to protect its child in this old elephant dad’s eyes.

32. Naughty Elephant

37 Mind Boggling Elephant Tattoo Designs

Image Source: Nayana @Pinterest

33. Water-Inspired Elephant

34. Dali-Inspired Elephant Tattoo

35. Cute Elephant Ankle Tattoo

37 Mind Boggling Elephant Tattoo Designs

Image Source: Nayana @Pinterest

36. Elephant Family Flow

37. Brown Elephant Henna Tattoo

If you find these elephant tattoo designs mind-boggling and you want to have at least one of them, but you still don’t have the strength to ink your body permanently, don’t worry. There is something you can do! You can try out how would a tattoo look on your body by getting a henna tattoo. Henna tattoos look amazing, and they fade away with time.