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What tattoos does Yuya have?


Surely no longer need presentation. Yuya has become the queen of YouTube . Of course, more than 18 million people can not be wrong. The young Mexican has a channel that receives thousands of followers per week. In it, it shows us the best beauty tips but also some other curiosities.

So today we are going to be left with the tattoos that Yuya has . Because it is inevitable to see how the famous decorate their skin little by little. Yuya or, Mariand Castrejón has been growing by our side, which is why it is an inspiration for his followers. Do not miss the tattoos with great symbolism that you wear on your skin!

What tattoos does Yuya have?

Sometimes answering a question like this can be a bit complicated. More than anything because some, as we say, are seen with the naked eye. Maybe others, no. So without being fortune tellers, let’s talk about the tattoos that usually show in each of their tutorials . Thanks to the makeup tricks as well as the hairstyles he teaches us, his hands and arms are completely nude. There are the great designs of Yuya !. They are a total of three, although there was a room that has been remodeled.

Tattoo phrase Yuya

Tattoo on the back, Be the Change

The first tattoo that Yuya made is this one. It is a tattoo on the back and near the nape of the neck. In it, only three words are more than enough to say much more. We know that the phrases to tattoo us are usually concise and as such, have a great symbolism in each of the words it contains. In this case it is about being the change. A positive way to provide an idea with great optimism about life. Because changes are always good and more, if we are the ones who bet on them. It is said that the young woman got this first tattoo shortly before the age of 18 and in the company of her mother .

Tattoo on the forearm

In the right forearm, Yuya opted once again for the words that are forming a sentence. It is true that on this occasion, it seems that only three words fell short. So he opted for a somewhat longer one. “This moment is all there is,” is the tattoo we can read in this area. With a wavy finish on each letter, it makes it more than colorful. When asked about its meaning, the girl was quick to say that it is a kind of summary about what he is living. A way to highlight the present and the beautiful moment that lives and that you have to enjoy.

Infinite tattoo Yuya

Infinity tattoo

The tattoos with the infinity symbol could not miss. Without a doubt, many people choose him. Maybe because it has a simple and unique beauty. A beauty that with a single symbol can already be said a lot. It covers many themes so it becomes essential when we look for that simplicity. Of course, the Youtuber opted for a fairly broad design. So much so that it covered the entire width of the wrist. And even on some occasion hinted, as a joke, that had happened with this tattoo. But now, we can not see it anymore.

Yuya doll tattoo

Flower tattoos

We can not see it as the Cover Up has appeared in his life. It seems that on him, he has been carried away by a design with more beauty and of course, with a different finish. It is a kind of flower that now stars Yuya’s doll. We know that depending on the flower, it can have its own meaning . Although in general we can say that beauty reappears in a tattoo like this. Do you know if you have any more that you have not shown?