Rook Piercing

Rook Piercing Ideas

Rook Piercing Ideas

A rook piercing can be described as a piercing of the anti helix area of the ear. This portion is just above the tragus, on the ridge in between the outer and inner conch shaped part of the ear. The piercing will pass from the part underneath and go up to the top portion of the ridge. The difference in this type of piercing is that you can see both the sides of the jewelry that you wear as both are on display.

The person who is credited with the popularizing this piercing is Erik Dakota who is an expert piercer of good repute. He is said to have given this name as a compressed version of this own name.

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The process

This type of piercing also follows the same procedure of any other piercing on the cartilage of the ear. Use of clamps may be required but mostly it is done free hand. Once the area has been cleaned, both the person being pierced and the person doing the piercing will both decide on the exact spot for the piercing. Normally this decision will be under the guidance of the piercer. The entry and the exiting holes will be marked and hollow needle will be inserted after which the jewelry is put in.

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Though the pain that we each of us feel and the extent to which we suffer is subjective and varies from one person to another, the rook piercing ranks among the piercings with higher pain.

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The process of healing and care after the piercing: Like any other piercing that is in sensitive area and that too one that is exposed like the rook piercing, you are required to handle things with care. You can use clean water and salt solutions to soak the are at least twice in a day. This will ensure that any dried crusts that form are easily cleaned away. Plus the warm water will increase the flow of blood which in turn will aid the healing process. You can also clean the area with very mild soap and water once a day to keep infections away. But do take care that you are not drying out the pierced area excessively. Make sure that you do not touch the pierced area frequently and when you do, your hands are pristine and clean.

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Also exercise caution to ensure that you do not harm yourself by tugging the jewelry while combing your hair or changing clothes. Avoid using the phone on the ear on which you have the rook piercing. The area is likely to be tender and sore for a period of about 8 weeks from the piercing. The first week is likely to be especially painful. Do not change the jewelry until the piercing heals completely. The full and complete healing may take awhile given the location of the piercing which receives relatively less blood flow.

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The types of jewelry that works on this area is Captive bead ring or curved barbells. You are better off wearing a curved barbell in the beginning as it will not hinder the healing process.

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Chances of complications: Like any other piercing of cartilage this area too may have some risks and complications. But since the area of piercing is relatively hidden the chances of things getting snagged comes down a little. People who do not have a very definite ridge are usually asked to desist from getting this area pierced. A good piercer will advise you on the feasibility of a rook piercing. In any case do not try to stretch the area and in case you want to do that then do it under the guidance of an experienced piercer.

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