Pezon Piercing- 40+ Pictures Ideas

Nipple piercing for women and men

The piercing in the female and male nipple is one of the perforations that most doubts poses to who is going to perform this perforation. A piercing in the infected nipple usually causes panic just thinking about it, and also the question arises if the piercing in the nipple hurts so much that I will not be able to stand it.

So that you can make your decision, we bring you the answer to these questions, how to do a piercing on the nipple and some ideas to choose your jewel. Getting a piercing in the nipple is one of the piercing that most questions usually pose to the person who is going to be pierced.

Does the piercing on the nipple hurt? Can I bear it? What risks does the piercing on the nipple have on getting infected? These are some of the most common questions among those who are about to take the step.

  • Price: € 30/40
  • Pain: High
  • Healing: 3/10 months

These data should not be interpreted as something definitive, the price of a piercing in the nipple, the time of cure and the intensity of the pain depend on each person and the study where you drill, this is only an approximation of the average so you can get an idea

Nipple piercing for women

So that you can make your decision with all the possible information, we provide a series of data that will solve all these questions, we have also been commissioned to bring you examples of nipple piercings both female and male with which you can get an idea of ​​what type of piercing you can wear when your piercing has healed.

How is a piercing done on the nipple?

The piercing mechanism for piercing the nipple is quite simple, following the same procedures as any other type of piercing. A hollow needle is used (as in other piercings such as  piercing of the nose ) that serves as a guide for the jewel, this needle is the one that pierces the nipple.

Nipple piercing and pain
Nipple Piercing
Nipple piercing and care
Nipple piercing for men
Nipple piercing and types
Images of piercing in the nipple
Nipple piercing and its meaning

In some cases, a flat-tipped clamp is used to properly hold the nipple, in other cases it is done directly with the fingers, this depends on the size of the nipple and the preferences of the piercer.

It may seem very complex, but an experienced piercer does this process mechanically and quite quickly, which is appreciated when your nipples are pierced by a needle. 🙂

Once it is clear the correct area to drill and the height at which the jewel will remain, the nipple is crossed with the guide wire, then the jewel is placed, the needle is removed and the piercing is closed on the other side.

Does it hurt to have a piercing in the nipple?

Let’s be honest, a piercing in the nipple hurts and quite. Although everything depends on several factors that determine the degree of pain intensity that is felt to be drilled in an area as sensitive as the nipple. Sometimes, some piercer use local anesthesia or some type of anesthetic spray to numb the area, it is best to consult this aspect with your piercer to clarify all doubts.

Nipple piercing and its risks
Photos of piercing in the nipple
Nipple piercing and price

On the one hand there are people much more apprehensive that feels more pain when pierced (even in one in the different types of piercing in the ear ), this depends on each one. But you must bear in mind that the piercing of the nipple is one of the most painful in the sensitive area that is pierced. Although this is important and must be taken into account, the piercing is done quickly and the pain is short, although intense.

This sure you like:

If you are thinking about getting a nipple piercing, you should assess if you are capable of taking that short bad time. It can be too reckless to get a piercing for the first time and that it is in the nipple, since you have no other reference to gauge how much pain you feel when being pierced.

Nipple piercing and its name
Piercing in the nipples for men
Piercing in the nipple for women

That said, it is best to think about it and if you make the decision to do so, go quiet to study. The professional who is going to drill is used to piercing all types of body areas and is aware of how sensitive this type of piercing is.

For this reason, you should always look for a professional perforated study, with approved piercers that meet the hygienic and technical requirements to perform this type of drilling.

How should a nipple piercing be cured?

You must be very consistent and take seriously the healing section of your piercing. It is imperative that you heal properly during the time necessary to enjoy your piercing nipple healthfully.

Curing the nipple piercing
Nipple piercing and breastfeeding

Although after a few days, you see that your piercing looks great do not think ” Bá, no need to be healing me, it is a pain in the ass” this is a mistake as serious as frequent . You must follow the guidelines of healing that you mark your piercer, since a piercing can become infected at any time during his cure, even if it seems that it is already healed, you must continue to clean and care for it.

  • Step 1: Move the jewel to each end.
  • Step 2: Hold on each end and turn it several times.
  • Step 3: Clean each side with a milkweed. You can also use a glass to make light pressure on the nipple and remove the dirt.
Piercing in the nipple for men
Infected nipple piercing

This is something that usually does not happen, but that is a factor to be taken into account. In any case, if you begin to have some type of inconvenience when healing the piercing, you can always go back to the studio to have the piece removed so that it will close and the scar will avoid other problems.

How can a nipple piercing affect breastfeeding?

One of the risks involved in piercing a nipple is the formation of keloids. This is not something unique to piercings in the nipple, it can happen in any type of piercing. Keloids are small lumps that emerge in the perforations when healing, the problem is that if keloids form during healing and do not disappear once the wound is healed, nothing may or may not happen (usually the most common) or suppose some inconvenience in the lactiferous conduits of the chest that end in a mastitis.