Orelha Feminino Piercing

Orelha Feminino Piercing Ideas

51 photos of ear piercing that you will love!

The piercing in the ear is a passionate attachment. That’s because with a little body change, you can have a totally different style ! Just know how to match which jewelry has more to do with your style and also which type of ear piercing is most appropriate for you.

That’s why we have included 51 photos of piercings in the ears of people who knew how to use the accessoryperfectly ! Then you can see how these pieces are versatile and very modern. So check out the various ways to wear a stylish pierced ear:

The set of piercings leaves any look more fashion

Ear Piercings Set

But the unique piercing can also bring a special charm

helix piercing

Like this charming ring with heart on the tragus

piercing tragus

Or this delicate jewel in anti helix

Piercing helix

Has unique piercings with different designs

Helix Simple Piercing

This flower in tragus is a grace too

The unique jewels with pebbles are beautiful too

And even if discreet leave the look super stylish

Thepiercings can have a similar style

How these discrete bright

Piercing daith

It’s also cool to play with different piercing styles

You can combine hook piercing and conch piercing.

Conch tragus hook piercing

Or, make a combination between earrings and piercing

Wearing similar motifs for jewelry brings an incredible result

Like this version with many points of light

Multiple Piercings

And wearing several types of piercing is also a good request

The moon piercing perfectly matches daith

And the rings fall like a glove on the conch.

Conch Piercing

And the light points look funny like piercing in rook

Rook Piercing

Heart piercings are lovely …

And you can match the heart with other piercings

Or use it with double drilling

Piercing heart

The heart piercing looks gorgeous on the hook

Or helix

Also combines a lot in daith

Besides being charming, there are those who say that the piercing in the daith helps relieve migraine …

Tragus Helix Daith Piercing

And there is no age limit for testing piercing in daith as a way to combat pain

Older with piercing

Rings like these double and triple are extremely stylish with the colorful rim


Or with delicate zirconias

helix piercing

Minimalist earrings with small earrings are a good fit for discreet people

helix piercing

Or the sequence of three symmetrical rings

Two delicate rings on the conch are a lovely combination!

In the golden version with piercing in the tragus and in the helix it is incredible also


The rings are beautiful combined with hearts 

And also in black rhodium with modern earrings

The triple rhodium black piercing matches perfectly with many looks

Piercing Triple Conch

The combination of colored rings on the conch with helix piercing is perfect!

So, bet on the colors without pity!

Colorful Piercings

The pierced earrings with delicate hoop earrings are breathtaking …

Delicate Argolas

The industrial piercing also known as transverse is very stylish too

They look amazing combined with other jewelry , like this stylish Indian piercing in daith

Minimalist piercings are also successful, see these crossed rings

Minimal Piercing

And if you like to dare with style, bet on geometric piercings

Or in many minimalist pieces together

They can even be colored, like this turquoise piercing

The detail also can be in the way this piercing bee

Or the array of bright …

Piercing daith

It can be a detail in the type of piercing, as this spiral in the conch

The rings look beautiful on the conch, but the minimalist piercings also …

The piercing can also complement the tattoo on the ear

Ear piercing

Or it may be the perfect pair for your extender


Ear Piercing Care

So, as we saw in the list of photos, surely the ear piercing looks beautiful and completely changes the look! However, some precautions are mega-necessary before, during and after drilling. So we’ve separated some tips so you know which points are most important to incorporate this accessory into the visual. Check out:


  • Think if you really want to make a body change
  • If you want to do the drilling choose an excellent professional. So ask friends for recommendations.
  • Think calmly in what region you want to drill
  • Take into account your work environment too, after all, some more formal places do not accept these jewels


  • At the time of drilling be calm, if you chose a good professional he will know what he is doing
  • Avoid moving
  • Take a deep breath and know that the pain moment is relative to each person


  • Follow key driller guidelines
  • Avoid fatty foods and alcoholic beverages, since they can make healing difficult.
  • Make the site asepsis correctly
  • Avoid sleeping on the piercing ear

Bonus Tip

So if you still do not feel safe to make this body change, there is still a solution to incorporate this fashion accessoryinto your look! You can opt for fake piercings , which are placed as pressure earrings. Therefore, it is not necessary to resort to drilling.

The pieces are styled in the same way and the best part is that you can position them as you wish. That is, it will be a super versatile accessory that will combine with many looks!