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Frenillo Piercing- 40+ Pictures Ideas

Subtle and Sophisticated Lip Frenulum Piercings and More

Lip frenulum piercings together with web piercings and other types of oral piercings are subtle and sophisticated. While some of them are easily seen when you smile or laugh, the other ones can be shown by choice. The element of surprise and the playfulness of oral piercings are mostly appreciated by the youngsters, but a smiley would look great on anyone! If you want to pierce your tongue or add more interesting piercings inside your mouth, you will definitely find inspiration below!

The pain factor

The lip frenulum, as well as the tongue frenulum is a thin tissue with high sensitivity. The good news is that piercing them will only take a second compared to other thicker body parts. Even so, because of the nerve endings found in there, you might experience greater pain that will only last for a few seconds. When it comes to tongue piercings, the pain will definitely be more acute due to its thickness and type of tissue. If you’re looking for a brighter side, think about how fast oral piercings heal! The tongue piercing will be healed in one month and the other ones really close to that too!

The cleaning routine

All oral piercings will swell and will not make you want to brush your teeth. However, you have to brush your teeth to keep bacteria away. Besides carefully brushing your teeth, it is recommended to wash your entire mouth with alcohol free mouthwash or with warm salt water twice per day. This routine should be consistently followed until your tissues are healed. Oral hygiene is highly important in general, not to mention for people who wear piercings. Upper lip frenulum piercings and lower lip frenulum piercings will touch your teeth, so proceed with care.

During the healing process, you should avoid alcoholic beverages, cigarettes and spicy food. There’s nothing sophisticated in an irritated frenulum. The sooner it heals, the better it will look and make you feel! As for kissing, I’m sure you know Frenching someone with a sore tongue is no breeze, so keep your germs for yourself for a while! Last but not least, make sure you choose comfortable jewelry! Here are some ideas to get you going!

1. Lip frenulum piercings or smiley piercings

piercing frenillo (1)

The jewelry attached to the tissue that connects your lip to your teeth shows up when you smile, hence its name.

2. Skulls as double tongue piercings

piercing frenillo (2)

Your tongue may look evil too! All you need are two skull straight barbells and two holes in it!

3. Taste the rainbow literally

piercing frenillo (3)

The tongue web is the pierced tissue that you see in this picture. It looks subtle and fun thanks to the colored beads!

5. Seductive smile with purple beads

piercing frenillo (5)

Discreet hues may flatter your smile and the color of your teeth too!

6. Curved barbell for under your tongue

piercing frenillo (6)

Not all types of jewelry is suited for web piercings. The curved barbells are the most recommended ones.

7. Making funny faces to show off

piercing frenillo (8)

If you get a smiley piercing, you will love it so much that you too will make funny faces to show it off.

8. Rock that badass grim

piercing frenillo (9)

Some spikes revealing themselves will not look friendly! Although that was a joke, spikes might hurt your teeth more than beads.

9. Tongue web decorated with a horseshoe ring

piercing frenillo (10)

An oral piercing takes some getting used to, so at first you might not be able to rock horseshoe rings under your tongue.

10. Find the perfect angle

piercing frenillo (11)

Maybe you don’t want to show off your piercings and that’s okay. However, if you do, this is one perfect angle to take a snap!

11. Lip frenulum piercings touch your teeth

piercing frenillo (12)

Your teeth coating might suffer changes during a long term wear. So, try to think of these piercings as temporary treats.

12. Glossy lips for shiny teeth and beads

piercing frenillo (13)

White teeth should stand out and glossy lips make them shine. In addition, the smiley piercing attracts even more attention to them.

13. Creating symmetry in the tongue’s web

piercing frenillo (14)

Oral piercings are usually symmetrical because they are placed in the middle section of the mouth.

14. Another reason to open wide

piercing frenillo (15)

Oral piercings are visually appealing too, even if they are hidden most of the time.

15. Ring without beads for frenulum

piercing frenillo (16)

The risk of accidentally removing your piercings is really high when they are not enclosed.

16. Avoid teeth problems with a curved barbell

piercing frenillo (17)

You can wear a curved barbell that isn’t big enough to get to your teeth, but it will no longer be easily seen when you smile.

17. Short barbell for tongue’s web

piercing frenillo (18)

Since the frenulum is really thin, you can opt for short jewelry.

18. Braces and oral piercings are a match

piercing frenillo (19)

Unless your dentist says otherwise, you can wear both braces and oral piercings.

19. Adorable captive bead rings for guys

piercing frenillo (20)

Guys have larger mouths, so they need larger jewelry as well.

20. Make that tongue frenulum pretty

piercing frenillo (21)

Others might see your tongue frenulum more often that you look at it, so why not make it look pretty?

21. Cool horseshoe design for web piercings

piercing frenillo (22)

Horseshoe rings are very versatile. You can wear them in numerous body parts.

22. The risk of migration is real

piercing frenillo (23)

Your body could reject an oral piercing by pushing it slowly to the edge like in this photo.

23. Large gauge ring for inside the lip

piercing frenillo (24)

If your lip frenulum is thick enough, then you can insert a large gauge ring to make it look manlier.

24. The smiley matches red lips

piercing frenillo (25)

A woman with red lips is attractive, not to mention a woman with red lips and a smiley! Are you tempted to live this look a shot?

25. Create black and white contrast with black jewelry

piercing frenillo (26)

Black and white are non-colors, but this doesn’t make them unable to create contrast.

26. Black and thick horseshoe ring

piercing frenillo (27)

If you really want your scrumper to stand out, choose a thick jewel in black.

27. Accommodate a golden ring under your tongue

piercing frenillo (28)

Gold is not the best material to wear in your mouth, but if that’s surgical steel colored in gold, you can wear it without problems!

28. Don’t let blood scare you

piercing frenillo (29)

Some of us get bleeding gums when we wash our teeth, so a little blood shouldn’t scare you because it is normal.

29. A classic tongue piercing

piercing frenillo (30)

Lip frenulum piercings aren’t the only one sexy. The classic tongue piercing is too!

30. Spikes with no sharpness

piercing frenillo (31)

Jewelry with spikes is edgier than the beads, but it isn’t sharp.

31. A tiny scrumper jewel

piercing frenillo (32)

Tiny horseshoe rings look so cute, don’t you think? They aren’t safer though.

32. Different colored beads every day

piercing frenillo (33)

Once the lip and tongue frenulums are healed, you can change the beads anytime you feel like it!

33. Rainbow in a flat bead

piercing frenillo (34)

Shiny and reflective beads will capture light and return an impressive effect!

34. Let the skull sink in

piercing frenillo (36)

After only 4 weeks, you have the liberty to wear different jewelry styles in your tongue. Is the skull your favorite?

35. The perfect placement is possible

piercing frenillo (37)

When you visit a piercing parlor, they will take a look at your lip or tongue frenulum and tell you what they can do. The person in the picture above got lucky with the perfect placement.

36. Flat beads are comfortable too

piercing frenillo (39)

Flat beads aren’t around for long. They seem more comfortable though compared with regular beads.

37. Inflamed frown and tongue frenulum examples

piercing frenillo (40)

The sight of the lower lip frenulum piercing isn’t pleasant. However, that’s how an inflamed area looks like. It will heal eventually.

38. Straight barbell in the lower lip frenulum

piercing frenillo (41)

Since the barbell isn’t long, it may fit your physiognomy. If not, opt for a curved one.

39. The element of surprise

piercing frenillo (42)

This picture is tasteful and grants a lot of value to the element of surprise. The surprise is very pleasant in this case!

40. A good laugh is beautiful

piercing frenillo (43)

We wear jewelry mainly for beautification, so the effect of this piercing is guaranteed!

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