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12 Edgy Ear Piercing Ideas That’ll Liven Up Your Look

If you’re looking for a simple, inexpensive way to add some edge to your everyday look, why not consider getting a new piercing? A cute, unique ear piercing is the perfect way to spruce up your style without going overboard.

Looking for some ear-spiration? Look no further! Just take this list of creative, subtle, and sultry ear piercings with you to your local body piercing shop!

1. Helix

Instagram | @kimbodmod

For a subtle, easy look, a regular helix piercing is probably your best bet. They’re located closer towards the center of the ear rim, but they’re still incredibly cute.

2. Forward Helix

Instagram | @anebodypiercing

The outer rim of the ear is called the helix or cartilage area, so a forward helix piercing is located at the front of this rim. Hoops and studs both look super cute!

3. Industrial

Instagram | @piercing_by_moodswings

An industrial piercing consists of two holes at the top and lower part of the helix that are connected by a straight piece of jewelry. Beware, this one’s an ouchie!

4. Rook

Instagram | @corinne_guess

A rook piercing is located on the bigger ridge between the inner and outer conch. Because this piercing is done through lots of cartilage, it can take many months to heal and be very painful.

5. Tash Rook

Instagram | @prikdpeterrobin

A tash rook piercing is located close to the helix area, but these ones are generally lower and closer to the center. They’re less painful than rook piercings, which is a plus.

6. Daith

Instagram | @boutiquetribe

Daith piercings are located directly beneath where a rook piercing would be. Because the area isn’t as thick as the rook, it’s generally a bit less painful and heals quicker.

7. Snug

Instagram | @joecaminiti_piercing

A snug piercing is located at that funny part of the ear where the lobe and cartilage join. Because this area is thicker, they usually take longer to heal and hurt more than other piercings.

8. Orbital

Instagram | @espacotattoostudio

An orbital piercing is generally a hoop or other semi-circular piece of jewelry that hugs the helix, but the actual hole usually located somewhere in the inner conch.

9. Triple Forward Helix

Instagram | @envybodypiercing

A triple forward helix is the exact same as a forward helix (shocking, I know), except that there are obviously two more holes and piercings. This one screams edgy.

10. Tragus

Instagram | @hellaraiser_

The tragus is the innermost part of the ear that connects to the rest of the ear canal. This area is rather soft, so tragus piercings aren’t generally that painful.

11. Anti-Tragus

Instagram | @trancetattoopiercer

An anti-tragus piercing (that little blue stud) is located directly across from the tragus. The piercing sits in the upper part of the lobe, as well as the inner conch.

12. Surface Tragus

Instagram | @paolayabarl

Surface tragus piercings are almost more of a face piercing than an ear piercing. This one is located on the outer edge of the tragus, closer to one’s temples.

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