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What is a piercing in the mouth?

It is a perforation that we perform in the mouth area. It can be on the lips, on the tongue or on the frenulum. It is a well-known practice and demanded by the public. It is easy to practice and you can get very sexy and flattering results.

Types of piercing in the mouth

There is a wide variety of piercings in the mouth, some more known than others. Below you can see a list of the different types that we can find, your name, description and photos to easily identify them.

Piercing in the frenulum:

Marly and Smiley Piercings


It is also known as Smile or Smile. It is the piercing that is located in the frenulum of the gum of the upper lip. It is so called because it is seen fundamentally when you smile. If you have a very short frenulum, it is not advisable to do it there because it could break. The best thing is to ask a professional.

It is not a painful piercing, and requires always wearing a perfect oral hygiene so that food remains do not accumulate behind.

In this video you can see how a piercing piercing Smiley is performed:


It is the piercing located in the lower frenulum of the tongue and is a bit more painful than the previous one.

This video shows us very well how to perform the drilling. Always using gloves, sterile material and perfectly deinfecting the area before drilling.

Tongue piercing:

Also known as Tongue Piercing: it is the piercing located on the tongue. It can be drilled almost anywhere, from the tip to the back. The orientation of the perforation can be horizontal or vertical.

This area is very popular and is usually chosen for several reasons:

  • Its aesthetic component is one of the main reasons to choose them.
  • Sex toy It is one more element to use and have fun in sex games.

Here we show you the different piercing in the language that we can do:

Traditional :

Piercing is performed in the central part of the tongue. It is a safe place because the slope is far from the teeth and thus does not damage them.

In this video you can see how simple and fast it is to pierce the traditional piercing in the tongue.


They are those that are located on the tip of the tongue. These slopes have the disadvantage of being able to damage the teeth by the continuous rubbing, and even when eating we can bite the slope.


they are two piercing in the tongue placed side by side, seeming to be only one horizontal.

Horizontal or Snake Eye:

This is a piercing that sits horizontally on the tip of the tongue and completely crosses it.


It is a horizontal perforation but it does not cross it completely. This is the most dangerous and many professionals prefer not to do it. They can cause irreversible damage, bleeding and damage a nerve. If you decide on this type of piercing, make sure that the professional is specialized in this variant and has done it regularly.

In this video we can see how a piercing surface is done in the language. As you can see, the language is not completely crossed.

I leave another video where they teach us how to perform a traditional perforation and a Snake Eye on the tongue:

Piercing on the lip:

Another one of the areas most requested for a piercing are the lips, they are really good, they are very glamorous, sensual, and have a very large aesthetic – erotic component.

Piercing on the upper lip:


Located right in the center and above the upper lip. That is, just below the nose in the philtrum area.



Located on one side of the upper lip, specifically on the right side

Right-Nostril-And-Madonna-Piercing-Picture (1)


It is the opposite of the Madonna and is located above the upper lip but on the left side. Her name comes because this type of piercing reminds us of the mole of the beloved Marilyn Monroe.


Angel Bites:

It is the combination of the piercing Madonna and the Monroe, so you would have two piercing on top of the upper lip, one on the right side and one on the left.

Piercing in the lower lip:

Snake Bites:

There are two piercings that are placed under the lower lip symmetrically, putting one on the right side and one on the left.


Shark Bites:

They are placed under the lower lip and two perforations are attached to the left side and two to the right, in total four perforations. It can also be identified as a double Spider Bites.


Dolphin Bites:

They are located in the center of the lower lip. It is similar to the Snake Bites only that this time the earrings are closer together.


Spider Bites:

They are placed on one side of the lower lip


It can be of various types depending on your location. Below I explain what their names are and a photo so that you can differentiate them more easily.

The Labret piercing is always located below the lower lip. It is one of the most famous perforations and demanded for its simplicity in drilling, and because aesthetically it is a very fine and attractive option.

Labret center, Labret right or Labret left, as they are located in the right center of the lower lip, to your right or left.

LABRET Center, right and left

Labret Horizontal:  is the one that is placed on the lower lip horizontally. Traversing centered from right to left.

Vertical labret: it is the one that is placed in the lower lip just in the center starting at the top and reaching down the lip.


Here I leave a video, although it is in English you can see perfectly how to do a central Labret piercing, and what are the steps to follow to make sure it is a success.

Remember that you always go to authorized centers, that pay great attention in hygiene using sterile material to avoid infections and later problems.

Other types of lip piercing:

Canine Bites:

It consists of the combination of the Angel Bites and the Snake Bites, with which we would have 4 perforations, two above the upper lip and another two below the lower lip


Dahlia Bites:

It is very similar to the Angel Bites but it is located a little lower, just where the corner of the lips ends.


Cyber ​​Bites:

It is the piercing that combines the jellyfish, and the central labret.



This is placed touching the lip, just in the middle of the lower lip.

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Where do I go to get a piercing in my mouth?

As always we recommend, it is essential to go to a specialized and authorized piercing center . Performing a piercing by a person who does not have the necessary knowledge can be very dangerous and damage us irreversibly.

I recommend that you search online for centers that are in your city and read opinions. Once you have selected a couple of them, go to the center and tell them what you want to do. Ask them if they have experience in that type of piercing, if they have photos with results, and take the opportunity to ask all the questions that arise.

Check well that they comply with the hygiene rules, always sterile products freshly taken out of a bag, which use gloves and soap to wash the area to be treated …

Never have doubts, ask everything you need. A good professional will be happy to solve all your concerns.

What is the process of piercing the mouth piercing?

The mouth must be very clean before piercing. It is recommended to wash the teeth in depth, and use a mouthwash.

The driller will inform you of all the steps, so you know at all times what you are doing, and you will see that it is very simple and fast.

With sterile gloves and utensils will be carried out the work of placement and piercing of the piercing.

  • Clean the area carefully
  • Mark the location of the hole and show it to you to see if you agree.
  • It is held firmly with tweezers or similar.
  • A catheter is used to perform the perforation.
  • Before removing the catheter, the earring is introduced by passing it through and finally being placed.

The steps are very simple, in the videos that we have left you can see each of them.

What are the basic care of piercing in the mouth?

In the center where you are drilled, they will inform you of all the steps you must follow to perform a perfect cure. However, it is always good to be informed at home, so here we give you some basic notions but always remember to speak with the center where you have entrusted the work.

The first few hours try not to eat, drink and much less smoke, so we will keep the area as clean as possible

Twice a day it is recommended to clean the area with soap and water, and the piercing since bacteria accumulate and you have to try to avoid any infection.

During the healing phase, do not remove the piercing

Always have clean hands before touching the area or moving the piercing. It is very important that we be very scrupulous with cleanliness. Try to prevent anyone else from touching the piercing until it is fully healed.

Try to avoid the shock of the piercing with the teeth as it can damage your enamel and finish probocando small breaks. Especially the first days, avoid moving the earring a lot and playing with it, being a foreign body in the mouth, our intention will be to touch it and move it constantly.

Always check that the piercing is tight, and placed firmly to prevent it from falling out and you can swallow it.

Visit the dentist later to make sure everything is going correctly and there are no symptoms of infection.

How much does it hurt to have a piercing in your mouth?

It is a little painful area. The perforation is very fast, and you will notice like a puncture, so you do not need anesthesia.

When the earring is placed, you can see how it is happening, but it is not painful but rather annoying.

Recommendations to reduce pain by getting a piercing

As in any other area of ​​the body, there are small tricks to help us to make the moment of piercing in the mouth less annoying.

Choose a day when we are more relaxed, nerves are never good.

Breathing always helps us, do not forget to inspire and expire deeply several times before putting on your piercings, it will help you to calm down and lessen the pain.

The cold: apply cold in the area, either with ice or similar, will help us to leave the area with less sensitivity so the pain is greatly reduced.

However, the moment of the drilling is very fast, so the pain is usually quite bearable, as soon as you start thinking it is over. It is more painful or uncomfortable the subsequent phase of healing, this depends on the area, approximately the perforations in the lips usually take between 2 to 4 months to be completely cured, and in the case of the tongue of 4 to 6 weeks.

What are the main health risks that can cause a piercing in the mouth?

Like all piercings, piercing in the mouth, although it is a very widespread practice, involves some risks that we have to take into account. Knowing them we can be alert and see how we can avoid them.

  • Infections: the area of ​​the mouth is especially delicate due to the large number of bacteria present in it. It is very important, when drilling, that sterile material is always used to minimize the risk of infection.
  • Allergic reactions: can occur in hypersensitive people who show an allergy to the metal of the piercing.
  • Damage nerves: their placement can damage a nerve and cause movement problems. It is important to keep this in mind especially in the piercing of the tongue.
  • Periodontal disease: the piercing can damage the gums and cause wounds or recession, which in the long run causes poor grip of the teeth and may become loose. It is important not to use very large piercings, to avoid friction with the gums.
  • Damage to the teeth: the constant blow of the piercing on the teeth, can end up causing partial breakage of the teeth, especially when worn for a prolonged period (+3 years)
  • Swallowing the piercing: watch that the piercing is well secured to avoid being released, as we could swallow it and in the worst case suffocate with it or damage our body.

Photo gallery with piercing in the mouth

Below you can see a lot of pictures of piercings in the mouth, both on the tongue, on the frenulum and on the lips. Browse all of them to choose which one you like the most.[Show slide show]

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images (1)

Another type of piercing you can perform:

If you are still doubting and want to know other areas where you can get your piercing, in these pages you can find all the information you need. Whatever the area you are thinking about, here you can find many ideas and recommendations, visit these pages to decide safely.

Enjoy the photo galleries and tips and find the places to buy the best earrings.