Weird Piercing

20 Strange Piercings You Probably Haven’t Seen

You might have seen some of the strange piercings in this post. Hopefully a few of these photos are new to you. Piercings are one of those things that can add to a persons image. They can make a person look more beautiful, weird, crazy or gross. It does not matter though, piercings are always interesting to look at. That’s what I like most about piercings, is looking at them :D.  So I respect people who can endure the pain to show their self-expressions through piercings. I hope you enjoy this gallery!

1.) He Holds The World Record For Most Piercings On The Face

Axel Rosales Face Piercings Record

This is Axel Rosales from Argentina. Since February 2012 he has held the world record for most facial piercings. As of today he has over 280 facial piercings. SOURCE

2.) Guy From Germany With Big Piercing Holes In His Cheeks

Big Piercing Holes In His Cheek

This is  shocking to look at, but awesome at the same time. He can stick his tongue through his cheeks with ease. From the side you can see a clear view of his teeth. I am pretty sure when he walks down the street, this creeps a lot of people out.

3.) Corset Piercings Is The New Piercing Craze For Girls

corest peircing black diamond shape

This is  pretty and attractive. Looks very painful though. Probably a hassle to put the corset back together after taking a daily shower :D. You can see more corset piercings if you’re interested in them here.

4.) Bro, Can You Even Smell Anymore?

3 piercings on a small nose

OMG those are some big piercings going through his nose. I know for a fact this guy probably can’t breath from his nose or smell anything. This looks so painful. I Wonder what happens when he has to sneeze or blow his nose?

5.) When I said I would Never Take This Ring Off, I Meant It!

Wedding ring piercing

Now this person is dedicated to the one she loves. She embedded her wedding ring in her finger to show how committed she is. I am 100% sure, she will never cheat on him.

6.) Body Spikes From Head To Mid Spine

Body spikes from head to spine

They actually have to drill and install a fitting for these spikes to screw into. I Hope she remembers to unscrew them when she lays down :O.

7.) She Must Like Pain, Is This Human Embroidery?


Ouch, it hurts just looking at them. If I look past the painful thoughts of this, I see a very beautiful design. I imagine these pin piercings took a long time to heal.

8.) He Carries His Weapon In His Ear Hole

Brass Knuckles In Ear Lobe

That’s one big hole in his ear. Those brass knuckles will come in handy someday. SOURCE

9.) She Is The Most Pierced Person In The World

Elaine Davidson Most Pierced Person

This is Elaine Davidson from Edinburgh, Scotland. She is the Guinness world record holder of the worlds most pierced person. Total throughout her body she has over 9,000 piercings. Wow that’s amazing. SOURCE

10.) Pauly Unstoppable Has A Wicked Nose Piercing

Pauly Unstoppable Piercing

The guy above is known as Pauly Unstoppable. He has had some very extreme body modifications done. Check out his nose. You can see right through it. SOURCE

11.) Really, A Piercing Through Your Gums?

gum piercing

Now I have seen everything. This looks very strange.  I heard getting a piercing through your gums is not the smartest idea. The piercing also goes through your mouth bone. You can read more about this pierced gum photo here.

12.) Don’t Get Your Tonsils Taken Out, Pierce Them

Tonsil Piercing

Not sure why anyone would want to get their tonsils pierced? You cant even see them unless you tell someone to look inside your mouth, and down your throat.

13.) Wolverine Hand Body Piercing Mod

Wolverine Hand Piercing body mod

This is awesome, but unfortunately looks like a deadly weapon. I bet he can’t wear these out in public without stares and fears that he might slice someone up.

14.) 1015 Piercings In A Single Sitting, Another World Record

Kam Ma Record Holder most piercings in a single sitting

Kam Ma from England, holds the world record for most piercings in a single sitting. This guy sat for almost 8 hours being pierced constantly. In the end he had 1015 piercings and broke the old record. He did not even use any pain relievers. Is this guy crazy or what? At least he can boast that he has a world record under his belt. SOURCE

15.) Phuket Vegetarian Festival, Brutal Piercings

Power drill Pierced cheek

I know what you are thinking. That this is brutal and disgusting. This is not piercing. This is mutilation. Let me explain, they do this on purpose. Its a spiritual thing to show they have super power of restraint.  They believe by participating in the Phuket Vegetarian Festival it will bring them long term good health. Its a spiritual thing for them. While it looks disturbing, it’s their choice to do this. To read about and see more photos of the Phuket Vegetarian Festival check out this link.

16.) A Plug Right Under Her Lip. Nice Teeth View

Teeth View Lip Plug Piercing


17.) Body Suspension Is Old But Still Strange

Body Suspension Is Strange

Awwww, Good old body suspension with fish hooks, floating in the sky. Very extreme and strange. Read more about body Suspension here.

18.) Girl’s Face Pierced For A Flickr Photo

Erin Pierced for photo

Nice photo. Was the pain worth it though? SOURCE

19.) Snake Nose Ring Connects To Two Piercings

Snake Nose Ring Piercing

More of a strange nose ring. Nice filler photo though :D.

20.) Saved The Best For Last, This One Is Really Strange

A piercing right through the leg

Why would he do this? Why? You can see strait through his leg. By far the most bizarre piercing I have ever seen. I feel a bit sick when looking at it. I would like to know why he chose to pierce strait through his leg? Please Contact Us if you have any information about this photo. I want to know the story behind this. SOURCE