Pecho Piercing

Pecho Piercing- 40+ Pitures Ideas

11 Types of piercing that maybe you did not know; this is the favorite body jewelry among girls

Since the beginning of the 90s, piercings have been considered one of the most fashionable body decorations and its use has become so popular that even celebrities like Rihanna, Kendall Jenner and even Cara Delevingne look like a trend of beauty .

Now more than ever we have seen that hundreds of celebrities, artists and designers have taken them as an accessory to highlight their clothes and their look , but have you ever wondered: how many types of piercings are there? Some. If you want to know more about the subject, slide down and discover what part of the body they are wearing and what their name is. Maybe you get the inspiration you need to become one.

1. Navel piercing

Girl with a navel piercing

Maybe you do not know, but the popular belly button earring is actually called  Navel piercing.

2. Daith Piercing

Girl with a perforation in the ear

This type of perforation can be quite painful, because it is done in an area where there is only cartilage, but after healing it looks quite attractive. There are even those who think that using a piercing in this area reduces the pain caused by migraine, although that has not been proven.

3. Upper Lip Piercings

Girl using a piercing on the lip in the upper left

The lips are among the most aesthetic and sensual places to use a piercing , but depending on where it is used, it receives a different name, for example: on the right side it is called Monroe, Maddona if it is on the left side and Medusa if it is carried in the center, just below the nose.

4. Philtrum Piercing

Girl using a piercing on her lips

Also known as Medusa , this piercing is used in the middle and upper part of the lip, directly under the nose.

5. Nape Piercing

Girl using a Nape Piercing 

This works to decorate the back of the neck. Although of course, if they are not placed in the right way, they can suffer from a rejection, because the bones of the neck tend to push it towards the surface.

6. Piercing smiley

Girl wearing a smiley Piercing

This type of perforation is done in the small fold of tissue that is inside the mouth, near the upper lip. It sounds quite painful, but in the end you will achieve a very attractive smile.

7. Piercing Tragus

Girl wearing a Tragus Piercing 

If you want your ears to look attractive, but without resorting to pearl earrings, then you need this type of piercing that is placed on the outside of the ear canal.

8. Piercing constellation

Girl wearing a constellation Piercieng 

It was popularized in 2016 and is made with three or more earrings distributed in the ear to create a constellation.

9. Piercing in the cartilage of the ear

girl using a piercing in the cartilage of the ear

The perforations that are made in the upper part of the ear look quite sensual, but in recent years, those that are placed in the curved part have become a trend that give a chic touch to your hair collected.

10. Dermal Sternum Piercing

Girl using a Dermal Sternum Piercing

It is likely that this guy is one of the most extreme that a person can do, but they are worth it if they want to look sexy. They are similar to those of the navel, however it is placed in the middle of the breasts. There are also those who use them under the clavicle or in the center of the chest.

11. Septum

Girl wearing a septum piercing on her nose

The best thing about this is that you can or can not make a hole, because the pieces come in different shapes and sizes, some just overlap under the nose and others can be placed permanently. In recent months, this type of drilling has become a trend that everyone wants to use.