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Navel Piercing: everything you need to know

At the beginning of the 2000s, getting a navel piercing was almost mandatory. All the great celebrities were wearing them and it was simultaneously a way to show your rebelliousness but you were also modern. Now that they are normalized, they can be seen as what they are, a nice way to highlight the abdomen and one more opportunity to play with your style .

Although they are very common nowadays, if you are considering getting a navel piercing, it is normal that some doubts arise. Will it be worth the pain? Are there any risks? What happens if it gets infected? We answer your questions so you are sure of your decision.

Risks of getting a navel piercing


The biggest risk you’re going to face is that your navel piercing gets infected . To avoid it, it is important that you take good care of it until it heals but also that the professional who does it has a good hygiene policy.

The professional should wash their hands very well and put on gloves. If you have to remember, it may be better to find another location. Before you start, your skin should be disinfected with an antiseptic to ensure that there are no germs that penetrate your skin with the needle.

Diabetes and weak immune system

If you suffer from any of these problems, you should consult your doctor before doing the piercing and, if you have your endorsement, also communicate it to the professional who will do it.

Both in one case and in the other, there is a greater probability of infection and the professional will have to take that into account.


Keloids are exaggerated growths of scar tissue that can take the form of lumps. Anyone can have them, but if it is common in your family you are more likely to form one when you do your belly button piercing.

Do not let this scare you, but keep that in mind.

Other common risks

These risks are the same for any piercing you do and even for the earrings in the ears.

We talk about the danger of tearing if the slope is trapped and possible allergies to the materials with which they are made.

Does it hurt a lot?

Navel piercing hurts

Although we usually call it that, we must clarify that the piercing is not done exactly in the navel, but in the skin that surrounds it.

In that specific area, there are not many nerves or sensibilities, that’s why the experience is very similar to that of when you do a pendant in the lobe of the ear. You feel a quick prick, you put the piercing and then that area is a little sensitive and inflamed.

The pain itself will not be long in disappearing, but, as in the case of the earrings, you can return in the following days if you rub or squeeze the area still sensitized.

Making a navel piercing hurts less than making one in your nose , for example.

How to take care of a new navel piercing

During the first week it is normal that you notice some segregation of fluids in the hole, just as it happens in the ears. If it continues for longer it will be better to consult a doctor.

While you are healing you should avoid wearing tight clothing that rubs or tightens the piercing. Wear loose clothing and bet on pants with elastic or low waist.

Every day you should watch as the healing progresses to confirm if the navel is not irritated, swollen or reddened skin. Try not to touch it with your hands, unless it is to wash it with water and antiseptic soap. Always dry it with soft touches and use a paper towel that you can then throw away. Bath sponges and towels can contain bacteria and infect it.

For the rest, you just have to wait. The only thing you should keep in mind is the piercing material when you change it. Avoid the nickel ones that cause allergies often.

Piercing of the infected navel. What I do?

As the navel piercing involves two holes in the upper layer of the skin, it is easier for bacteria to lodge there and become infected.

If you notice that you are secreting pus, that it has swollen, it is very red and sensitive, the skin around it is a little discolored or you feel itching, it is likely to be infected.

In this case, you should always consult a doctor, because if the infection is bacterial you may need an antibiotic to cure it. Even if antibiotics are not necessary, a doctor will let you know which are the best creams to apply according to your case.

Do not try to remove the piercing before consulting with him. Being infected does not always mean that you have to do without the piercing and, in fact, in some cases it is beneficial to maintain it since it allows the release of the pus.

Can I wear a navel piercing during pregnancy?

Totally, since it is already healed.

The only difference is that you will have to buy piercings appropriate to your state. That is, piercings in which you can control and adjust its length to adapt to the growth of your belly.

As it expands, the distance between the piercing holes increases. At first you can take the normals, but then you will have to replace them since they will be too tight.

And, of course, more than ever you must choose those that are made with antiallergic materials and without contraindications.

Belly piercings: ideas and models

We know that the choice of piercing says a lot about a person’s personality. If you would like to get a navel piercing and you do not know exactly which one to choose, we bring you some ideas to inspire you.

What do you think of this double and symmetrical piercing?

Source: jasminlivingthings

Or do you prefer a more traditional one?

Source: teskyo_piercing_shop

For those looking for something original, an earring like this is a good idea

Source: i_lovekissgirlsbelly

Or if you want something awesome, bet on a piercing with a lot of brightness

Source: varatu_shop

This is perfect for the most discreet, who still have a rebellious touch

Source: xhristohcxpiercerx

What do you think about this idea with roses? It’s super feminine

Source: haleynicolenordstrom

Remember that your piercing is a way to teach your personality

Source: bodyj4you

How about this for the most superstitious?

Source: ila_tattoo

For lovers of nature and animals this pendant is very original

Source: bodycandy

And how about having a piercing of each color and changing according to the day?

Source: masynplasters

If one piercing is not enough, why not make two?

Source: thebellybuttoncollective

If yours are the jewels and the shine, this will highlight your personality

Source: varatu_shop

What do you think about the mixture of gold and silver?

Source: bellybutton_so_sexy

For the most romantic, this piercing of hearts is perfect

Source: wayofinkaachen

Do not you dare to become one? Convince your best friend!

Source: fabioclak

Do you feel safer now to get a navel piercing? The fear of infections is normal, but this risk is present for all types of piercing, even for those in the ears.