Industrial Piercing

Industrial Piercing Ideas

Classical and Wackier Industrial Piercing Ideas

An industrial piercing is definitely eye-catching. A true accessory for your ear, this type of piercing consists of two holes. There are classical industrial piercings ideas, which are based on making two holes that are connected with the help of a long, straight jewelry, but also wackier ideas that combine one or more bars, which aren’t necessarily straight. What’s certain is that you need to pierce your ear cartilage twice in order to wear an industrial design. The upper ear consists of thin cartilage that is easier to pierce than the conch area for example. People from the UK refer to it as the bar. However, you might also hear about the scaffold piercing and the construction piercing. They are all the same thing.

The pain factor


We’re talking about two perforations during the same session, so you can think of double pain compared to a regular piercing. Even so, the piercing itself will feel more like a pinch. This applies to diagonal and horizontal scaffold piercings. Things are a little different with the vertical ones because the cartilage might be thicker. Bleeding may be involved, but that’s not something that should scare you, especially if you are going to a professional piercing technician. The blood clots will be removed when you wash the piercing for the first time and they will not be an inconvenient anymore. Moreover, it is recommended to let the blood clots harden because that stops the bleeding.

Let’s take a look at some industrial piercing ideas and learn about prices at the end!

Stylish Industrial Piercings To Cover Your Body

1. The classical industrial piercing

industrial piercing (1)

The classical bar travels diagonally from one side of the upper ear to the other.

2. Arrow industrial barbell piercing

industrial piercing (2)

The only change here is of jewelry. This one is nicely shaped like an arrow and it is gold too!

3. Black industrial barbell to stay

industrial piercing (3)

This jewel could be a great choice for when you pierce your ear until you are able to change it.

4. Silver industrial barbell with round beads

industrial piercing (4)

Round beads are ideal to wear during the healing process because you can’t harm yourself with those!

5. Industrial barbell that fits the ear

industrial piercing (5)

The length of the barbell is very important at the beginning because your ear will swell and be sore.

6. Flat heart embedded in the barbell

industrial piercing (6)

Not so long ago, the only jewelry you could find were simple, not so cute as this one that has a heart incorporated!

7. Keep the gold jewelry for later

industrial piercing (7)

Jewelry made of gold is not recommended to wear until after your ear is healed. Rely on titanium. Always.

8. Watch out for large beads

industrial piercing (8)

Large beads are easier to notice, but they might get caught up in clothes or towels.

9. Together we are one jewel type

industrial piercing (9)

Looped industrial bars are very fashionable right now. Different charms may be included.

10. Trying on the dragon fly

industrial piercing (10)

Discussing jewelry options with the piecing technician is always a good idea.

11. Wacky combination of two industrial piercings

industrial piercing (11)

In order to create a trident, this girl got not one, but two industrial piercings. One is vertical and the other one is shaped like a horseshoe. Ingenious I think!

12. Keep the beads, change the bar

industrial piercing (12)

If the barbell becomes too long after the swelling goes away, you can change it without change the beads as well.

13. Invisible industrial piercing is magic

industrial piercing (14)

Oh well. this piercing is transparent, but if no one sees it, it might as well be invisible! Puf!

14. Diagonal scaffold piercing for girls

industrial piercing (15)

There is no difference in technique between a scaffold piercing for girls and a scaffold piercing for guys.

15. Gem row industrial barbell

industrial piercing (16)

Such a feminine and stylish design only costs around $10!

16. Colors and symbols as you want them

industrial piercing (17)

There is virtually no combination of colors and symbols that you will not find for a construction piercing.

17. The key to one’s ear

industrial piercing (18)

People hear what they please, so this could be a metaphor, but look at her earlobe jewel! Mind-blowing!

18. Gemstone construction piercing jewel

industrial piercing (19)

Take things up a notch and wear gemstones on the jewel for your construction piercing. It will look fancy!

19. Sparrow ornament for the upper ear

industrial piercing (20)

Good things come in small packages, hence the choice in sparrow! Undying love and commitment are among the meanings of sparrows.

20. The twister replaces the bar

industrial piercing (21)

The spiral piercing or the twister does a great job at replacing the classical bar.

21. A shiny mix of jewelry

industrial piercing (22)

Jewelry doesn’t need gemstones to shine!

22. Keeping the jewelry in place

industrial piercing (23)

I’m not sure how good this is for the healing process, but it’s good to know you have the option to keep the bars in place when needed.

23. A slightly curved bar as industrial piercing

industrial piercing (24)

Curves and round beads make me think of feminine details. This one does look more delicate.

24. Colored flower industrial earring

industrial piercing (25)

Colored and under the shape of a flower and two flat beads alike, this jewel can accentuate a woman’s graceful side.

25. Badass style with a skull on a barbell

industrial piercing (26)

Do you want to express your badass style? Do so with a barbell that has a skull on it.

26. Opal stone embedded in fancy jewel

industrial piercing (27)

This jewel is fancy all the way! It doesn’t only feature opal stones, but also black stones at both ends.

27. Blue V shaped scaffold piercing

industrial piercing (28)

This jewel hangs a little from the two holes, fact which is not good if it’s heavy. However, titanium is usually lightweight.

28. Traces of dry lymph

industrial piercing (29)

As you can see on the right side of the bar, there is some dry lymph. That is normal to occur during the healing process.

29. A superhero in an industrial piercing

industrial piercing (30)

Superheros fans can find jewelry with the shape of their favorite hero.

30. A colorful ear with piercings

industrial piercing (31)

Colored piercings can give life, figuratively speaking to a pierced ear.

31. The illusion of an industrial piercing

industrial piercing (32)

This ear accessory is only attached to one hole. It may look like a scaffold piercing, but it is not.

32. Wear crystals instead of beads

industrial piercing (33)

This bar comes with crystal endings instead of the classical beads.

33. Opal stones instead of beads

industrial piercing (34)

These matching opal stone beads create a wonderful effect! Would you wear something like that?

34. Vertical industrial piercings with blue stones

industrial piercing (35)

This is another wacky concept! Two vertical industrial piercings decorated with blue stones!

35. Industrial barbell with blue hues

industrial piercing (36)

In order to further decorate your upper ear, you can opt for an industrial barbell with various patterns and color hues.