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Wings Tattoo Meanings

Wings evolved in land and sea creatures alike, and for years they’ve held a special place in religious and mythological texts. An essential component of angels, birds, and bats, wings represent many ideas related to freedom, dreams, and faith. Below, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of wing tattoo designs, explaining the meaning behind each one.

Wings Tattoo Dictionary

Angel and Demon Wings: these unique wings represent the duality of human nature, including our dark and light sides alike.

Angel Wings with Halo: this tattoo design celebrates a loved one who has passed away, and is believed to be an angel in heaven, watching over.

Batwings: in China, bats symbolize good luck and happiness. Batwings specifically can represent a fallen angel. We’ve got a full list of Chinese tattoo meanings available here.

Breast Cancer Ribbon Wings: featuring the signature breast cancer ribbon with the person’s name beneath, these wings celebrate a loved one who was lost to breast cancer.

Butterfly Wings: these colourful wings represent the transformation into a superior being. But Butterfly tattoo designs can have many different meanings. Learn more about butterfly tattoo designs and their meanings here.

Cross with Wings: paired with the cross, these wings are a statement of religious freedom. They can also stand as a reminder of a near death experience or a tribute to a loved one who has passed away.

Eagle Wings: as a tattoo design, eagle wings symbolize American patriotism.

Heart with Wings: wings attached to a heart express one’s love of freedom and they celebrate a romantic partner.

Star with Wings: this symbol is commonly associated with the navy, coast guards, and seafarers. Typically, a star with wings tattoo design marks the passing of a loved one overseas, and it’s worn over the heart or on the wrist to serve as a constant reminder.

Valkyrie Wings: in Norse mythology, Valkyrie women were those who selected the strongest men for battle. Valkyrie wings are stately and bold, and they’re a symbol of female empowerment.

Wings play an important role in many humans lives, representing everything from romantic love to life after death. No matter which wing tattoo design resonates with you, each one offers a way for you to celebrate your unique identity. If you know of other interesting wing tattoo designs, let us know about them in the comments section below!

The 109 Best Wing Tattoos for Men

Looking for a tattoo design that best represents freedom? You’d be hard-pressed to find anything more perfect than wing tattoos, which are open to a lot of customization. You can even have them in tribal style if you’re into tribal tattoos.Wing tattoos have different variations, though people immediately think of angel wings when talking about wing tattoos. Angel wings symbolize protection and guidance, similar to an angel or guardian angel tattoos. Unlike other wing tattoo designs, angel wings are usually depicted in a folded form, making them an excellent choice for a back tattoo.

Wing tattoos can also symbolize duality. For example, if you want a tattoo that represents both the good and bad in you, you can go with a design composed of an angel wing on one side and a devil wing on the other. You can think of this design as an alternative to the yin-yang design, which also represents two sides of a coin, so to speak. You can have this mixed wing tattoo design on both biceps, on the back, or on the chest.

You can also get wing tattoos in memory of a lost loved one instead of rose tattoos or cross tattoos. You can have the name of the person flanked by angel wings, perhaps with a short quote somewhere at the top or bottom. Unlike other wing tattoos, this variation works better in small sizes in order to keep it more private.

Perseverance is also associated with wing tattoos. People who have gone through particularly difficult times in life look at wing tattoos as a symbol for rising up and leaving the past behind to start anew. This is similar to how phoenix tattoos symbolize rebirth and the beginning of a new era or phase in life.

If you want a different take on wing tattoos, you can go for wing tattoos on both ankles. This particular version of wing tattoos represents the Greek god Hermes, the messenger of the gods. In Greek mythology, Hermes is often depicted wearing sandals with small wings. You can imitate this image by having small wings tattooed on the ankles. Hermes also acts as the protector of travelers, so you can think of a Hermes-inspired wing tattoo as a protective charm if you travel a lot.

Wing tattoos definitely look best in black-and-gray style. Colored wing tattoos are actually pretty uncommon among men. Some have a few color highlights here and there. But for the most part, wing tattoos come in solid black-and-gray. Perhaps the only time colored wing tattoos look great is when the design is based on bird wings to symbolize freedom. If you prefer colored wing tattoos, we recommend going for phoenix wings, which look marvelous with the right combination of red, yellow, and orange.

Of course, you can always go for designs based on other creatures, real or otherwise. In which case, you might want to check out dragon wing tattoos. Dragons usually come in different colors, depending on the source material, so you can go for fully colored dragon wing tattoos if you want.

Here are some of the best wing tattoos for men, which you can use as inspiration for your own wing tattoo design.

wings and hourglass tattoo for menwings and lion face tattoo for menwings and roses tattoo for menwings and scripture scrolls tattoo for menwoman with angel wings tattoo for menwoman angel with wings tattoo for menwings with beating heart and keyhole tattoo for menwings and severed fingers tattoo for menanchor, skull, and wings tattoo for menankle wing tattoo for menarm and back wing tattoo for menarm wing tattoo for menascending angel with spread wings tattoo for menattacking eagle with spread wings tattoo for menangel with spread wings tattoo for menangel wings tattoo for menangel in flames wing tattoo for menangel and dragon wing tattoo for menaweseome chest and arm wing tattoo for menback and arm wing tattoo for menbird wing forearm tattoo for menbirthday and wings tattoo for menbowing angel wing tattoo for mencolored owl with spread wings tattoo for mencolored chest wing tattoo for menChristian wing tattoo for menchest wing tattoo for menchest and shoulder wing tattoo for mencrested wings tattoo for mencross and wings tattoo for mencrucified angel with spread wings tattoo for mencrucified christ against wings tattoo for mendetailed arm wing tattoo for mendetailed wing tattoo for men's backsdetailed wing tattoo for men's armsdetailed shoulder and arm wing tattoo for mendetailed forearm wing tattoo for mendetailed back and arm wing tattoo for mendiamond and wing tattoo for mendifferent types of wings tattoo for meneagle with wings tattoo for meneagle with spread wings tattoo for menfallen angel with spread wings tattoo for menfleur de lis wing tattoo for menfemale angel with wings tattoo for menfeathered wing tattoo for menfeather and dragon wings tattoo for menfamily first wing tattoo for menforearm wing tattoo for menfull arm and shoulder wing tattoo for menfull back wing tattoo for men'full back wings tattoo for menguns and wings tattoo for menheart and wings chest tattoo for menheart and wings tattoo for menheart, crown, and wings tattoo for menhourglass and wings tattoo for meninteresting angel and demon wings tattoo for menintricate wing tattoo for meninteresting wing tattoo for men's forearmsinteresting wing tattoo for men's chestsinteresting wing tattoo for meninteresting forearm wing tattoo for menkeyhole, hourglass, wing tattoo for menlayered shoulder and arm wing tattoo for menleg wing tattoo for menlarge cross with wings tattoo for menlarge leg wing tattoo for menlong feather wings tattoo for menmemorial wings tattoo for menlarge wing tattoo for menlarge wing tattoo for men's backs and armsmetal and feathers wing tattoo for menpatriotic wing tattoo for menpaired wings tattoo for menowl with spread wings tattoo for menowl with pinned wings tattoo for menneat wing tattoo for menpraying angel with spread wings tattoo for menred-accented arm tattoo for menred-tipped wing tattoo for menrib wing tattoo for mensaying with wings tattoo for menshoulder and bicep wing tattoo for menshoulder and arm wing tattoo for menship and wing rib tattoo for menshaded full wing tattoo for menshaded forearm wing tattoo for menskinny wing tattoo for men's backsskull and wings tattoo for menskull with wings tattoo for mensmall chest wing tattoo for mensmall wing tattoo for men's shouldersupper chest wings tattoo for menthree-quarters sleeve wing tattoo for menspine and wings tattoo for menspinal cord and wings tattoo for mensoaring angel with wings tattoo for menwing and geometric design tattoo for menwing and spine tattoo for menwing tattoo for men's chestwing tattoo for men's chests and shoulderswings and eye tattoo for menwings and crown tattoo for menwings and compass tattoo for menwinged angels and demons tattoos for menwinged angel sketch style tattoo for menwing and symbol tattoo for men