American Traditional Tattoo

American Traditional Tattoo – 300+ Images

100 American Traditional Tattoos For Men – Old School Designs

The American traditional tattoo is still the most infamous phenomenon in tattoo history. To this day, the Western art style is inducting chivalrous chaps into the wondrous world of modest body modifications.

Colonial charm is boldly embedded into the American traditional tattoo techniques that we explore up ahead.

This genre sincerely represents the unfettered basis that spurred all other ink jobs in its wake. Western pomp is a cornerstone of these perfect little pin-ups. Of course, Sailor Jerry proudly originated the first designs as sea-faring tokens of the prized femininity being left upon the shore.

Because of the unavoidable association with rum productions, avid alcohol enthusiasts often get these girls tattooed in honor of their favorite drink. There are hundreds of perky babes to choose from, and these buxom broads all stem from the mid-20th century. You simply cannot beat this kind of bombastic old-school wit.

Take a gander at the vintage appeal that lies in waiting. All you have to do is look ahead. We’ve done the dirty work of collecting these pretty ladies for your enjoyment! In the past, these gals were reserved for swarthy pirates and the like. Now, they can be flaunted by urbane gentlemen. We can all agree that this is a serious improvement!


Amazing Black Angry Beast Tattoo Guys Hands

Angry Black Raven Tattoo Guys Forearms

Angry Raven With Voluptuos Feathers Traditonal Tattoo Guys Head

Awesome Traditional American Black Tattoo On Guys Back

Beautiful Red Nautical Star Tattoo Mens Hands

Beautiful Traditional Compass Tattoo For Men Forearms

Black And Grey Shaded Rose With Leaves Tattoo Mens Neck

Black Beast Serpent And Traditional Skull Tattoo

Black Beast With Red Tongue Tattoo Guys Arms

Black Devil And Head Traditional Tattoo Mens Forearms

Blue Jaguar And Eagle Traditonal Tattoo Guys Sleeves

Colorful Traditional Eagle Tattoo Guys Neck

Cool Tradtional Tattoo Of Man With Flowers On Guys Forearms

Cute Ship Tattoo With Large Sails Guys Hands

Detailed Design Tradtional American Black Tattoo Mens Torso

Extensive Dotted Work Traditional Tattoo Guys Forearms

Fabulosu Traditional American Tattoo Guys Forearms

Ferocious Black Gorilla Tattoo Traditional American Mens Forearms

Festive Colored Traditional American Tattoo Male Torso

Flowers And Eye Traditional Tattoo Male Thighs

Furry Beast Traditional Tattoo Mens Arms

Gorgeous Ship Tattoo Mens Forearms

Grey Shaded Pirate Ship And Rose Tattoo Male Forearms

Grey Shaded Rose And Sails Tattoo Mens Chest

Guys Forearms Dice In Ace Tattoo

Guys Forearms Lovely Ship Tattoo

Guys Full Legs Haunting Skull Traditional Tattoo

Guys Head Large Sailed Ship Tattoo

Guys Knees Traditional American Beetle Tattoo

Guy With Large Eyed Traditional Alligator Tattoo Forearms

Guy With Lovely Traditonal Dagger Tattoo On Forearms

Horrendous Black Beast Tattoo Male Torso

Impressive Traditional Tattoo Of Warrior On Mens Full Back

Intricate Traditional American Tattoo Guys Full Sleeves

Knife Piercing Snake Tattoo Mens Forearms

Long Yellow Nailed Hands And Green Snake Tattoo Guys Forearms

Lovely Black Raven Traditional Tattoo Guys Chest

Magnificient Tradtional Black Animal And Red Roses Tattoo Guys Torso

Majestic Dark Raven Tattoo Traditional Mens Back

Majestic Eagle Tattoo Traditional Mans Chest

Male Arms Skull And Raven Tattoo

Male Forearms Guy Smoking Cigar Traditional Tattoo

Male Forearms Vexed Dark Eagle Tattoo

Male Full Back Raging Black Ghostly Tattoo

Male Full Sleeve Jet Black Traditional American Tattoo

Male Hands Knife And Rose Tattoo

Male Head Broken Heart With Pair Of Arrows Tattoo

Male Torso Black Traditional Boat Tattoo

Mans Chest Traditional Horned Bull With Arrows Tattoo

Mens Arms Open Mouthed Green Serpent Tattoo

Mens Elbow Black Webbed Design Tattoo

Mens Forearm Bony Hands With Golden Bangles Tattoo

Mens Forearms Lovely Ship Tattoo

Mens Forearms Traditional Ghoulish Skull Tattoo

Mens Forearms Traditional Split Tongued Serpent Tattoo

Mens Full Sleeve Serpent And Skull Tattoo

Mens Head Traditional Ship With Sails Tattoo

Men Side Rib Roaring Three Eyed Feline Tattoo

Mens Sleeves Incredible Dark Artwork Tradtional Tattoo

Mens Sleeves Lively Traditonal Animals Tattoo

Mens Torso Amazing Traditional American Tattoo

Mens Torso Black And Grey Traditional American Tattoo

Mens Traditional Camping Tattoo Male Forearms

Native American Dark Haired Skull Tattoo Mens Arm

One Eyed Smoking Skull Traditional Tattoo Guys Forearms

Open Mouthed Traditional Beast Tattoo Guys Hands

Pretty Woman With Broken Knife And Snake Tattoo On Mens Forearm

Raging Green Eyed Beast Tattoo Guys Chest

Realistic Tradtional Snake Tattoo Guys Arms

Red Rose With Eye Ball Traditional American Tattoo Guys Hands

Rose And Treaty Tradiotional American Tattoo Mens Arms

Ship And Eagle Traditional Tattoo Mens Arms

Sign Of Friendship Traditional American Tattoo Males Chest

Stay True Traditional Tattoo Mens Forearms

Three Traditional Fish Tattoos Guys Arms

Traditioanl Skull And Cat Tattoo Mens Chest

Traditional American Annoyed Dark Raven Tattoo Guys Hands

Traditional American Lady Head Tattoo Mens Hands

Traditional American Monster Tattoo Guys Hands

Traditional American Tattoo Of Knife Sliced In Two Guys Forearms

Traditional American Wolf Tattoo Male Hands

Traditional Crown And Diamond Tattoo Mens Forearms

Traditional Dark Sheep Tattoo Guys Forearms

Traditional Flying Skull Witch Tattoo Mens Chest

Traditional Large Clawed Animal Tattoo Male Hands

Traditional Light House Tattoo Mens Forearms

Traditionally Decorated Tattoo Of A Man And Woman Mens Hands

Traditional Red Tongued Hound Tattoo Mens Forearms

Traditional Round Face With Knife Tattoo Mens Head

Traditional Ship Sailing Tattoo Mens Forearm

Traditional Symbol And Leopard Head Tattoo Mens Neck

Traditional Tattoo Black Skull And Flowers Guys Full Back

Traditional Tattoo Of Cocout Tree Male Forearms

Traditional Tattoo Of Knife Slicing Through Skin Guys Forearms

Traditional Tattoo Of Knife Through A Dark Feline Men Forearms

Traditional Tattoo Of Serpent And Hand Guys Arms

Traditional Tattoo Of Ship On Guys Arms

Traditional Tattoo Of Tiger And Eagle Mens Hands

Tradtional Blowhorn Musical Instrument Tattoo Guys Arms

Tradtional Red Tongued Serpent Tattoo Guys Arms

Tradtitional American Girl Controlling Beasts Tattoo Guys Torso

Twisted Rope And Violence With Blood Tattoo Guys Torso

Wonderful Traditional American Tattoo Mens Full Back

Wonderful Traditional Feline Tattoo Mens Chest