To help you get inspired, we prepared easy-to-make DIY Christmas ornaments that even a kid can make. Rather than buying something new this year, why not try to make Christmas decorations with your family. You will learn how to decorate Christmas cards with adorable snowflakes. Draw a snowflake with PVA glue and sprinkle glitter over it. Gently tap the glitter into the glue using a paint brush.
You can decorate a Christmas card using a bubble wrap. Cut bubble wrap in circles. Cover circles with paint and press down on paper. Let dry. Do not throw away burnt light bulbs because you can turn them into Christmas decorations that look gorgeous. We love to make various decorations from very simple and inexpensive materials. In this video, you will find out how to make Christmas bell ornaments from recycled plastic bottles. These bells will be a wonderful addition to your holiday decorations.
Do not throw away mismatched socks and turn them into cute toys. For example, you can make an adorable snowman from a sock and tennis balls.
Moreover, we will show you how to make beautiful Christmas treats for your family. Oreo pops look adorable and we share an easy tutorial on how to make a snowman from oreo cookies. I love cupcakes and share a few ways how to decorate cupcakes for a Christmas party.
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00:09 How to decorate Christmas cards
01:07 How to reuse burnt bulbs
04:42 Candy wreath
05:54 Decorated cupcakes

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