Underboob Tattoo – 300+ Picture Ideas

101 Charming Underboob Tattoos Designs for Women

It was few centuries back, when Tattoos carried a religious, cultural and communal significance. Though, the same is prevalent in present day generation as well but now-a-days, Tattoos are more related to fashion and trends. In ancient times, the kings and warriors used to engrave a particular picture as tattoos with deep meanings related to their armies and their families. It was mandatory for them to depict about their origin and their ancestors with the help of a specific mark and a tattoo engraved on their body.

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Likewise, there are many stories and sayings about tattoos and their designs in the past. The more you learn about this, the more complicated it becomes. Very often you must have listened that there used to be different categories of tattoos for men and women. Moreover, number of restrictions and customs were imposed only on women such as they need to ink their husband’s name on their hand and so on.

The best way to flaunt off with your tattoo designs is to have an appealing back tattoo designs which could be meaningful and sensual at same time. Give a look at a collection of exactly this type. 

Underboob Tattoos Designs for Women

There have been no specific discussions about particular body parts in the past as well as presently as to where one can get a tattoo done or not. It is very common to witness every second or third person carrying some or other tattoo on their different body parts. People who like to flaunt and show their art to others, they generally choose the exposed areas such as hands, fingers, feet, stomach, thigh, neck, chest and back. As a normal practice, tattoo designs visible on the exposed area are small and don’t cover much body area. Though, universal tattoos or tattoo designs for the complete hand or complete back etc are even very common.

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When getting tattooed there are a lot of prospects and concerns which need to be thought about and tacked beforehand. For men, it is always easier to get inked as they can easily expose many body parts whereas, females face a little restriction as they can’t just expose every body part without taking due care. Generally, more of sweet and little tattoos are advised for women. But, if you are planning to get a complex tattoo design or want to try something unique which will cover much of our skin then this write up will work much for your interest.


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So, you are a die-hard fan of a particular art? You just saw a lady today who just looked completely hot due to the much appreciating tat on her body. You want to try something exciting and the large tattoo design on your body but you are out of ideas as to where it can be done?

We suggest you to think this time for getting inked on the Underboob area. Don’t be surprised. It is actually one of the most preferred and the hottest region of your body to present the ink art. There are already numbers of Underboob Tattoos Designs for women prevailing in the markets which have gained much popularity. And why wouldn’t it be? Underboob area is always much taken for granted yet it is most beautiful region of every female’s body. Females never get a chance to flaunt this lovely and neat area of their body.

Take a great chance this time and get inked on your Underboob area with the help of following tattoo designs. Mind that each of these tattoos carry a particular meaning and significance. Read on to find more about these.

The Forever Tattoo:

The tattoos itself speaks for itself as you can see in the image. It’s an ultimate idea to make your partner feel loved. The meaning of this tattoo is truly filled with romance and love. With this tattoo you express your wish to your partner that you want to spend your whole life with them. This tattoo carries a big significance and is a clear description of your pure and pious love.

Wild Bat in the Pain:

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Bats on a whole carry a different meaning and significance as they normally carry a negative image. They are associated with darkness and wild nature. The Underboob Bat tattoo in the picture is in pain as an arrow is pieced through but yet its eyes are still and wild.

Snake pattern:

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The scales and this boxes pattern are closely related to snakes. They represent this shingles and tiles design on their body. This is a lovely tattoo design which suits very well to the said portion.

Universal circles:

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There are a lot of ancient and magnificent circle patterns for various types of tattoos. These circles are a clear description of the whole universe. Everything is attracted to centre like the sun in the solar system. Centre is the energy giver to the complete universe.

Colorful Flora and fauna:

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Flowers and nature is actually too girly in the nature. Due to this, the tattoo designs which carry flowers, colorful leaves and nature always look best on the females. These represent birth and new life filled with colors.

Rose cum necklace:

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Necklace designs are all time favorite when thinking about tattoos. Moreover, carrying a under breast necklace tattoo design is more attractive. This is a lovely art for females as rose is as delicate as females. They along with a necklace or ring are given to females for proposing them.

Hangings and Boob borders:

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The tattoo in the picture is a sweet idea to decorate the Underboob area with the ink. It is small yet effective. If you will wear a small bikini on the beach side then your tattoo will in the hangings and borders design would add grace to it.

Bended Eagle:

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Very similar to bats, eagles are equally wild and dangerous. They are also mighty and heavy birds which can fly at a high speed. Though, eagles are also not considered good as a symbol, the person before getting inked should select their designs very carefully.

Bold and distorted Images of birds and bats:

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If you are trying to look bold and make people astonished with your unique choice then go for such distorted yet large tattoo images of different birds such as bats. Please make sure you choose right design before getting encrypted as once you ink yourself it is extremely difficult to get rid of it and rather in most cases it is impossible.

Devil butterfly with skull:

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This is an extra-ordinary under breast tattoo design. It was wide and extremely complex to handle and even make the same. We discussed about sweet and warm side of the butterflies earlier, but this is completely opposite and is all about devil butterfly with skull and negative faces.

Beautiful flower:

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Flowers always look beautiful. Even the smallest of the flower gives fragrance and looks attractive. Having a sweet and neat flower design as a tattoo design is a great idea. If you will wear small clothes and flaunt it, people will love the delicacy and beauty of the flower.

The mighty sunflower:

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It’s a lovely picture of a big and mighty sunflower under a single boob. The design is well suited to this body part. The meaning and significance of this design is also related to females their charm and their calm character.

Nature’s diamond:

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There are number of myths and stories which are dug inside the heart of the nature. This diamond shaped tattoo signifies the earth and its different elements such as mountains, rough surface, sky and a moon. The tattoo contains a deep meaning.

Fighting with devil:

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This design may look haunting but it’s actually the win of good over bad. It depicts strength and courage to fight with the devil. This Underboob tattoo is sure to impress many and would actually congratulate for getting inked with such a unique design.

Message to lover:

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Underboob is a private area. You can easily hide the portion with clothes and can expose it as and when you feel the need to show it. Moreover, if you are trying to show something to your lover which is something extremely private, it can be easily done. The message in the tattoo means that you don’t need your partner.

Butterfly with attractive borders:

Underboob Tattoos Designs for Women (53)

We have seen many butterfly designs for the Underboob region but this one is extremely cute. It is much interesting and more captivating than the earlier ones. Girls look best with something like this and when it’s a butterfly, we don’t need further explanation now.

The antique patterns:


You must have not seen something of such sort. This is an exotic art with all beauty. You need to hire a professional to get inked with such a lovely pattern. Perfection is a must in this case.

The flowery bush:

Underboob Tattoos Designs for Women (59)

This is not a single flower rather it’s a complete flowery bush which is looking truly amazing on the under tits area. Undoubtedly as said by many this one of the best Underboob Tattoos designs for women.

Geometrical and astrological mixture:

Underboob Tattoos Designs for Women (60)

These patterns are difficult to create but once created they are just awesome. Geometrical designs are much popular already when used in tattoos. With this, if there is combination of astrological images then it’s just the best.

The eye with the tribal art:

Underboob Tattoos Designs for Women (61)

These tribal art designs along with some folk arts are truly a masterpiece. Whenever, anybody would look up to this, he/she is sure to get stunned for a moment seeing the beauty and the bulkiness of these designs. Moreover, the eye in between is like god’s eye watching everything.

The tribal universe:

Underboob Tattoos Designs for Women (66)

As discussed above, as per different tribes and different communities there are various types of laws of nature. This tattoo is a wonderful presentation of tribal universe.

The origin of a flower belt:

Underboob Tattoos Designs for Women (68)

Much sober and sweet in its presentation, this tattoo design of flower belt with various blossoming flowers is far better than the expected Underboob tattoo designs.

The universal clock:

Underboob Tattoos Designs for Women (69)

The tattoo design shown in the picture is the most unique tattoo design. With the hilarious clock in the centre just like a global time measuring machine along with the bat feathers and lovely flowery base is an extra-ordinary tattoo art.

Geometrical chandelier:

Underboob Tattoos Designs for Women (70)

See the lovely lighting fixture or say a magnificent chandelier but made using geometrical designs. The significance of this tattoo can be understood by the purpose of a chandelier and its light spreading unique characteristic.

Mandala design:

Underboob Tattoos Designs for Women (71)

Mandala designs are large circular designs which according to many religions represent the whole universe. The circle and the designs within are parts of this universe.

Scary octopus:

Underboob Tattoos Designs for Women (73)

The animal with eight long tentacles or say eight limbs is much scary in the look. The same as a under boob tattoo in the oval shape that too decorated beautifully with dotted boundaries is actually heart-throbbing.

The netted bikini design:

Underboob Tattoos Designs for Women (74)

This Underboob tattoo is actually much appreciable and quite sensuous. If you are trying to seduce your partner he will actually go mad with this bikini type tattoo design under your boobs.

Butterflies with Mandala circles:

Underboob Tattoos Designs for Women (78)

We have discussed much about the Mandala circles of universe and the butterflies. But this out of the world combination of the both with some universal and astrological symbols is far better than anybody’s expectations. The whole universe is controlled from the center. This is the only main idea behind these unique designs.

Old bat with old feathers:

Underboob Tattoos Designs for Women (79)

The bats are scary and make us fear them. Moreover, it is said that an elder bat is more dangerous than its young generation. They are experienced and much focused on their targets. With this tattoo design, you signify your qualities.

A bunch of roses:

Underboob Tattoos Designs for Women (81)

This would come as a treat for your husband or your lover. Gift him a bunch of roses in the form of a permanent tattoo on your Underboob area on a special occasion like his birthday, your anniversary or Valentine’s Day. He is sure to get mesmerized by this idea.

Traditional lamps:

Underboob Tattoos Designs for Women (84)

There are thousands of traditions and arts pertaining to each country and each community. There are numbers of such traditional masterpieces and unique patterns, designs and images available which can be easily taken as tattoo designs. As given in the picture. The image is a wonderful design with traditional touch.