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50 Pretty Side Tattoos for Girls

Side tattoos are ideal for girls who are gifted with a toned abdomen. Some examples of the most usual tattoo designs used for women are texts or words that are incorporated in scripts using stylish fonts.  This is to make the design artistic and appealing.  Aside from these, lettering tats like famous quotations are also used frequently on the side of wrist, waist, thigh, stomach, rib, foot, neck, leg, hip, hand and arm.

Mandala side tattoos for girls

Other popular tattoo designs on the list of side tattoos for girls include Celtic tats, tribal art, angels, panther tats, the Japanese koi fish, and the dragon.  As far as Celtic designs are concerned, they originated from an ancient tribe called Celts.  Some of these designs include Celtic knots, Celtic butterflies, and Celtic crosses.

birds side tattoos for girls

If you prefer smaller rib side tattoos, you can engrave popular quotes and sayings.  Men mostly prefer some designs that comprise of strange thoughts.  In the case of dragon tats, they never lose their popularity because of their colorful and meaningful aura especially to Chinese people.  Since you have a huge canvass to work on large designs, then, you can embed the whole profile of the traditional Chinese, Japanese, or European dragon.

side tattoos female designs

However, in utilizing the design for your side rib tattoo, you must be sure that you have researched first their meanings since each of them has a different one and inherent physical traits.  On the other hand, women choose words or famous sayings embedded on their side.

side tattoos female butterflies

These can be excerpts extracted from a particular movie, favorite quotations, verses from the holy Bible, or beautiful poems.  Other available designs for women are made of flowers like lilies, lotus, and hibiscus.  If you want something classic, then, you can go for fairies, butterflies, and stars.

blackwork side tattoos for girls

Actually, the designs are just secondary for having a side rib tattoo on your body; what matters most is the amount of your tolerance to pain and your courage to face the needle.

arcticmonkeys side tattoos for girls

If you try to look at the current statistics, it is indicated that side tattoo designs for women are higher in number than men. Does this prove that women are more courageous compared to men, or it is just their way of showing their sexy curve?  You will find out in this article why these kinds of tats are very popular nowadays especially for women.

black and grey side tattoos for girls

Rib cage tattoos are usually done on the chest or a portion at the back of a person.  People who have already experienced getting this kind of tat reveal that it is the most painful process that they have encountered in getting a tattoo so far.  This is because the rib area is a bony part of the body that it causes a great pain when pierced with a needle.

floral side hip tattoos for girls

One of the most popular side tattoo designs for girls is a famous verse or quote.  If you are devoted in your spiritual belief or religion, you can use your favorite verse from the Bible.  Supposing that a certain quote is one of your favorites and you want to share or promote it, then, you can display it on your rib cage.

quote side tattoos for girls

Another great option for you to choose is a poem.  When you ink the words on it, you can choose the font that you want.  You can also incorporate fine lines and swirls to give your tat a feminine look.  In a lettering tattoo, you can use another script rather than English such as Arabic, Sanskrit, Latin, Chinese, Japanese, etc.

red flowers side tattoos for girls

So far, the most popular side tattoos for girls that are feminine in nature are flowers.  The ones commonly used for this purpose include cherry blossoms, lotus, lilies, rose, hibiscus, etc.  One great thing with a flower tat is that you will be able to get a unique design since there are varieties of flowers to choose from.

Mermaid side tattoos for girls

If you are fond of marine life, you can opt to embed an interesting one such as the koi fish design from Japan, whale, dolphins, and shark among others.  For your awareness, there are available animal tattoo designs that you will find online specifically for women that symbolize great meanings.

dragonfly side tattoos for girls

In choosing an animal for your side tattoos, you have to prefer one that complements your personality based on its traits.  Another popular design for your rib cage is the image of a butterfly.  Also included are bird tats and swallow tattoo options for girls.  The swallow design signifies loyalty and ardent love for your family, since swallows are known to return to their dwellings, no matter how far they have gone.

side thigh tattoos for girls

A lot of woman also goes for nautical stars that look pretty on their bodies.  This kind of tat will make an interesting identical tat design if you are searching for something on this category with your partner.  Depending on your preferences, you can opt to embed a lone nautical star tat, or a tat that contains plenty of stars.

moon side tattoos for girls

With the rising popularity of side tattoo designs for women nowadays, it is not surprising that a lot of woman is flaunting them on the streets.

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believe in yourself side tattoos for girls

disney side of foot tattoo

feather wet paint side tattoos for girls

frienships side tattoos for girls

gypsy side tattoos for girls

Let the ocean take me side tattoos for girls

love infinity side tattoos for girls

moon and sun side tattoos for girls

native side tattoos for girls

never grow up peter pan quote side tattoos for girls

pop side tattoos for girls

rose side tattoos for girls

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