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The 60 Best Rib Tattoos for Men

Getting a tattoo feels different for everyone. The pain level largely depends on the location of the tattoo. This is one of the most important things to consider when getting a first tattoo. Everyone has a different pain threshold. For example, some feel agonizing pain when getting tattooed on the ankles, while others barely feel a thing and actually enjoy the sensation.However, most are in agreement that the rib area is one of the most painful body parts to get a tattooed on. The skin is very thin, which means the needles feel like they are directly drilling on the bones. This sets off a sort of vibrating feeling throughout the body, which can be really unpleasant, especially for first-timers.

The pain level on the ribs can range from extremely painful to unbearably excruciating. Though some people feel that the pain is manageable and quickly wears off whenever the tattoo artist pauses. Again, getting a tattoo feels different for everyone. Unfortunately, the only way to find out for yourself is to go through it.

Despite the pain, rib tattoos are actually popular among men. Rib tattoos highlight the curves, which should be enticing enough for men armed with well-toned bodies. They are also well-hidden under clothes, so they are safe from scrutinizing and judgmental eyes. The flip side is that they can be prone to being accidentally nudged or bumped, especially large rib tattoos.

Due to the large canvas available, there are lots of options for rib tattoos. One of the best ways to utilize the canvas is to go for a head side portrait. The curve greatly enhances the design. You can go with animal portraits such as lion tattoos, wolf tattoos, and eagle tattoos. Or you can opt for human portraits, which includes a Native American tribal chief head and a human skull.

If you have a sprawling tattoo piece in mind, you can use the full length of the side rib area, which extends from just below the armpit down to the waist. You can also include the front rib area near the stomach if you need more space to fully realize a grand tattoo design. The front rib area is covered with slightly thicker skin, which helps a bit in the pain department. It’s still quite painful, though.

Of course, you can always go for a small design first to assess how much you can tolerate the pain level. If you think the pain is manageable, you can go ahead and get a much bigger piece next time. You can always incorporate the small tattoo into a large one. So take it one step at a time and see how the pain goes for you.

Blocks of text also look great on the ribs. The curve won’t distort the text too much, making them easily readable to anyone willing to check out your tattoo and naked body. You can use the entire rib area for a block of text if you want, though we recommend complementing the texts with a small design for a better effect.

For design ideas, you can check out these awesome rib tattoos for men.

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