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Most Seductive Small Hip Tattoos For Women / Girls

Hip tattoos are undeniably some tattoos that can be found on a human body, which great numbers of people are thinking of having. Most of these people in the world are those women who want to look sexier and hotter in the eyes of other people. Yes, you read it right. Tattoos on the hips are capable enough of making you look hot and sexy, and make you more gorgeous in general. Even so, these tattoos are known to be very painful to have. Because of this, you should ready to face the amount of pain they can give if you want to give these tattoos a try.

Also, the area is very suitable for inking tattoos from the professionalism point of view, which sometimes requires the bearer to conceal this form of body art. They can be easily covered by clothing when the bearer has to go for professional meets and at the same time, these tattoos can be easily flaunted at the beach in a bikini or a party with a long slit dress. This is another reason which makes them an ultimate choice for the women around the world.

The Coverage Area

Just in case you do not know, tattoos on hips have specific coverage area. Beyond this body area, it can no longer be called as a hip tattoo. A hip is, of course, consists of the back, front, and side parts. Because of this, you can always choose where you want to get inked. Some women go for a tattoo on back hip because they want to look sexy when people see their back. But the big question is, where can these tattoos be possible to be extended? Well, you can always extend the tattoo on any parts of your body as long as it is directly connected to your hip. However, make sure that the main design is concentrated on the hip part. Just like on the side hip, you can always extend the tattoo designs towards your thigh, depending on how long you want this design to appear.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Just like any other body tattoos, tattoos on the hip also have their own sets of advantages and disadvantages. These things are the main reasons why people go or decline to have these tattoos. Thus, it would also be great if you know these very important points about the tattoos. Here are some of the advantages:

  • Wider Coverage Area – A normal hip tattoo is actually bigger and longer in size. It is al because of its wider coverage area for tattooing. Due to this wide area that will be getting tattooed, you can surely add some more designs you want in order to make you look more striking and gorgeous.
  • Sexier Body Shape – As said, your hip is responsible for giving your body a sexier shape. This hot shape can be achieved more with the help of the tattoos that you can incorporate on your hip.
  • Overflowing Sex Appeal – You may not know it, but most women choose to have this tattoo because they want to be the sex symbols of their partners. It is because they can add a considerable amount of sex appeal to every wearer of this tattoo.

Here are some of the disadvantages that you should take note:

  • More Painful – Whether you accept it or not, a hip part can give you more pain when it is being tattooed. You must be well-prepared for this intense amount of pain.
  • Less Visible – Since the tattoos are located on the hip part, then it would normally be less visible unless you will wear bikinis all the time.

Celebrities with their Beautiful Tattoos on the Hip

Here are some of the famous celebrities with tattoos on their hip. These tattoos actually have a deeper meaning to most of them.

  • Kylie Jenner – This young gorgeous Hollywood celebrity and a Victoria Secret angel looks hot on her Phonetic right tattooed hip. It’s the Phonetic pronunciation of the word “sanity”.
  • Cara Delevingne – This gorgeous, young supermodel has a cute, friendship tattoo on her right hip. The design is “DD”, which is written in a more artistic way. It’s a friendship tattoo with another supermodel, Jourdan Dunn.
  • Jessie J – This famous English singer-songwriter has a lyric tattoo on her right hip. It goes, “Don’t lose who you are in the blur of the stars”.

Worth-Considering Small Hip Tattoo Ideas

Hips make one of the most seductive areas in a woman’s body and a tattoo inked over the hip can make it look even more sensuous and sexy. Hips offer a perfect canvas for inking different types of tattoos. The area can sport a small sized tattoo or a large one extending to the ribs upwards or legs downwards, depending upon the design and preference of the bearer. The design can be used to signify the attitude of the person, though it can be rebellious or assertive enough as these tattoos are not always visible and it is up to the bearer to reveal them or not. Here are a few cool ideas for some great looking hip tattoos.

  • Flower Tattoos – Flowers are the ultimate favorite among women when it comes to tattoo designs. They are revered for their aesthetic value as well as symbolism, as they represent beauty, purity, and innocence. Rose and lotus make a good choice for hip area and they can be done in some alluring colors to make them very attractive. There are also several other options available such as sunflower, daffodils, cherry blossoms and so on. I’d recommend you to go for Rose tattoo on the hip.
  • Heart Tattoo – Hearts can be inked on the woman’s hips as they stand for love and femininity. She can also have the name and initials of her partner inked along with the heart. Certain intimate quotes also make a favorable choice for this area can be hidden easily.
  • Bows Design – Another cool and feminine design featured on the hip is that showing pretty and feminine bows. They are usually inked in feminine colors such as pink and red, making them look prominent and cute.
  • Hip Bone Tattoo – The truth is, your body has a wonderful shape because of the hip bone tattoo. This is the reason why many people, especially women choose to have a hip bone tattoo. Such tattoo is sure to emphasize your hip part, creating a sexier image. Most of the time, this type will look great with a single tattoo design.
  • Tribal Design– For sure, it is not new to you that many tattoo enthusiasts choose to have a tribal design instead of the other gorgeous designs. It is simply because tribal tattoo designs will always look amazing, no matter what generation it may come. Tribal designs are made to fit everyone and every generation, and there’s no way you can change this fact.
  • Animal Tattoo – Of course, who can forget the every common yet beautiful animal tattoo designs? Some of the common animal images tattooed on a person’s body are elephant, bird, lion, dragon and the like. If you love animals, then this might be the perfect design.
  • Masculine Elements – Some women can choose some masculine elements to be inked on their hips, which add a sex appeal to them. Such designs include birds, anchors, dreamcatchers, arrows, dragon, musical nodes, sun, moon, stars, infinity signs, feathers, anchors, skulls and tribal designs.
  • Different Elements – In addition to floral patterns, certain insects like butterflies, dragonflies, bugs, and spiders can also be inked there, while birds also make a popular option for inking tattoos. Dragons, tigers, and lions can be used as basic design elements.

Certain other elements which can be used for hip area are stars, mandalas, laces, spider webs, fish, pin-up girls, day of the dead, cross etc. it is entirely up to the creativity of the tattoo artist to make an amazing picture out of something ordinary, so you should settle for an expert tattoo artist when it comes to having a tattoo inked on hip or any other location of the body. Moreover, you have to invest a great deal of money and time for having a tattoo inked and once it is done, it is hard to get rid of. This makes it imperative to choose a tattoo design with great care.


Hips make a great place to get tattoos but there is a great deal of pain involved in getting tattoos here. The area comprises bone as it is the joint between the upper and lower body, which means that there is less of skin and muscle here. As a result, the needle of a tattoo machine is likely to come in direct contact with the bone and create a grinding impact, causing a high degree of pain as you have the tattoo inked. Here too, the experience and expertise of the tattoo artist will matter as it can play a key role in minimizing the pain.

Hip tattoos are very sexy adornments on the body, for sure. But always remember that before going for these tattoos, you should be well-acquainted about them first.

Hip TattoosHip TattoosHip TattoosHip TattoosHip TattoosHip TattoosHip TattoosHip TattoosHip TattoosHip Tattoos

Hip TattoosHip TattoosHip TattoosHip TattoosHip Tattoos