Boob Tattoos – 300+ Image Ideas

Attractive Side Boob Tattoos and Under Breast Tattoos

Breast tattoo or tattoo under the breast is amongst those body tattoos that are preferred by a lot of girls in the whole world. One big reason of these ladies is the fact that such tattoo can make them hotter to the opposite sexes, by way of enhancing the appearance of their breast area. There is no question about that since real men are normally attracted to women’s breasts. You should be ready enough to become sexier in the appearance before you undergo the tattooing procedure on your boob area. Moreover, you must also know that having a tattoo on breast or tattoo between breast may be very painful for you. You need to accept that pain will always be there so that you can be sure that you can endure everything in this matter.

Advantages You Can Enjoy with Tattoos on Breasts

There is no doubt that tattoo under the breast or on the breast can be very advantageous amongst women out there. In fact, there are already hundreds or even thousands of girls who already experienced these amazing advantages. This is why the number of ladies who want to have this tattoo is increasing day by day. Here are good examples of these advantages:

  • It can make you more beautiful outside. For sure, you already know that one of the body features that can make every woman more beautiful is their breast. And since a tattoo is a great beauty enhancer, then there is no way you will not look even more beautiful to others.
  • You will be sexier. If you think sexiness is something that you do not have, then considering to have a breast and under the boob tattoo is a good move. Men can definitely not resist those breasts that have breathtaking tattoo designs.
  • You will become the center of boy’s attraction. In case you are in a thick crowd and you want to get noticed by those hot boys, then it will surely be a difficult thing that you wish to happen. Even so, it will become easier when you have a sexy gorgeous under breast tattoo.

Boob Tattoos Disadvantages

If you think that tattoos on boobs can just be a pure advantage that you can enjoy, then think again. You have to know that having such kind of tattoo may also be disadvantageous on your part. These disadvantages may just be minor to you, but these are still very important to be known. Here are some of these disadvantages:

  • It can be very painful. For some, between a boob tattoo is definitely the most painful tattooing experience that they have got. Well, it is actually normal to feel too much pain when tattooed on this particular body part since it is very soft and thin when it comes to skin layers. Moreover, it is made up of delicate muscles and nerves that might be hit when the tattooing needle is working on.
  • It might be embarrassing. This is true especially when a tattoo artist is a man. This will certainly create an awkward feeling.

Why women love tattoos on boob / under breast?

The placement of tattoos has a lot to do with the sex of the bearer. While chest, arms, shoulders, and calves are preferred tattoo placements for men, tattoos on fingers, wrists, ankles, lower back, ears, thighs, ribs, forearm, elbow, hip, collarbone, armband, hands, foot, stomach, spine, legs, sleeves and back of the neck are regarded as feminine ones. Breasts make a sensuous canvas for having tattoos inked on it because they are amongst the sexiest parts of a woman’s body.

In addition, to have a great aesthetic value, breast and under the breast, tattoos are easy to conceal and women can easily hide them with clothing when the needful situation arises. It is totally up to the woman whether she wants to expose her tattoos under breast or not and she can make use of various types of outfits for this purpose, some revealing the tattoos completely or partially and others concealing them altogether. Another reason why women have shown their love for tattoos under the boob is the fact that they have been endorsed by several global celebrities, who have such tattoos inked on them. If you are a true beach babe, on the breast or under breast tattoos make a great choice for you as they can be easily flaunted in a bikini.

Celebrities with Tattoos On Breast & Tattoo Between Breast

Just like you, celebrities also want to look hotter to many, which is why they resort to boob tattoos. Here are the names of these celebrities:

  • Portia Freeman – The heart tattoo of this famous celebrity may be small enough, but it never fails to add more beauty and sex appeal to her.
  • Ruby Rose – This Australian model and television personality has a boob tattoo on the left side. This tattoo is composed of playing cards.
  • Tameka Cottle-Harris – This American singer-songwriter has a beautifully-designed tattoo on her left boob. This tattoo features her unique nickname, which is “Tiny”.

Sexy Gorgeous Breast and Under the Breast Tattoo Ideas

Needless to say, this tattoo is just like the other tattoos that can be found in the body of a person, which have a number of available designs that you can choose from. You just have to make sure that you will choose the design that will suit you best. Here are gorgeous examples of these tattoo designs:

  • Floral Tattoo Designs – Flowers are undeniably beautiful symbols of femininity, so there is no way floral tattoos under breast would not be great for women out there. It can surely add more beauty to your breast part. You can opt for a single flower design. But if you want to have a bit of complexity on the design, you can have a bunch of flowers tattooed.
  • Inscription Design – It might be a boring design for you since it just normally consists of words and phrases, but this is certainly one of the meaningful ones. What you want to say to a certain person or to the world can be inscribed right there on your breast or under it. While it already looks great even without some more designs, you can actually add some designs here for it to become colorful and extra appealing to the eyes.
  • Bird Tattoo Design – It may be a very common design, but it will surely be a very beautiful breast and under the boob tattoo that you can consider. It will look good to be tattooed on the top portion of your breast. You can have a single bird design or a group of birds that fly together. Your breast area can look livelier with this design for sure.
  • Heart Tattoo Design – Since a heart is nearer to the breast, then it is no longer surprising why a heart tattoo design is literally amazing to look at when tattooed on your breast. This may be too simple for your tattoo, but remember, too much of something may no longer appear elegant and beautiful to the eyes.
  • Star Tattoo Design – Who would also forget this common yet very appealing tattoo design? You can choose a single, bigger size of a star, but it might look even greater if you choose to get tattooed with a group of beautifully-designed stars. You can even add some texts so that it will appear more meaningful. This would be great if tattooed under the boob.

Final Words

There was a time when tattoos on the boob or under the breast were considered a taboo in the society because they were related to robbing the woman of her privacy and exploiting her intimacy.

Today, however, these have become socially acceptable as more and more young women are using them to bring out their attitude and attract attention to their physical beauty. Even older women have not been untouched by the attraction of the alluring between boob tattoo. And the best thing is that you won’t find only men looking at your under the breast tattoo, there will be some jealous feminine eyes spying at you too, probably because they don’t have what you have.

A tattoo between or under the tattoos under the breast is sure to be a beauty and sex appeal enhancer. However, you should know that it can cause some disadvantages if you have this tattoo, so think about it many times before giving it a go.