Tragus Piercing

Tragus Piercing Ideas- 40+ Pictures Ideas

40 Great Tragus Piercing Photos & Ideas

Having a tragus piercing is probably one thing which I wouldn’t consider having because I think it’s unimaginable for me to pierce that part of my body. And I wonder why other people would want to have a tragus piercing, or some even on both sides. Well, I guess that’s where the fact that no two persons are alike comes in. Probably, there’s just something about this type of piercing which convinces some people to have one. To show you some photos of tragus getting pierced, we have put 40 of them here below.

40 Tragus Piercing Photos

1. Double-sided tragus pierce ring to match the dangling earrings.


Originally posted by Mara Waltz

2. Silver stud tragus pierce ring.


Originally posted by Caitlyn Culley

3. The beauty of this tragus pierce ring seems outmatched by the designs of the other earrings.


Originally posted by Cassie Plummer

4. This tragus pierce ring looks very tiny when compared to the other earrings.


Originally posted by

5. Having this tragus pierce is like cherry on top.


Originally posted by Chrissy Adams

6. Hoop-shaped tragus pierce ring.


Originally posted by Kayla Corbin

7. Pretty flower-shaped tragus pierce ring.


Originally posted by Hannah Ferguson

8. Silver bow with blue ball tragus pierce ring.


Originally posted by Michelle Ferrari

9. To infinity and beyond! With this, it will seem like you can do anything.


Originally posted by Courtney Waldner

10. Silver leaf tragus pierce ring.


Originally posted by Jessica Love

11. Silver tragus pierce ring.


Originally posted by Vivian Chau

12. Hoop and stud tragus pierce ring.


Originally posted by Erin McMullen

13. Very cool black hoop tragus pierce ring to match the skull-designed ring.


Originally posted by Hannah Nelson

14. It looks nice when almost all of your earrings match in terms of size, color, and shape.


Originally posted by Catlin Sprague

15. Green-inspired earrings.


Originally posted by Catlin Sprague

16. Helix-inspired earrings.


Originally posted by danielle Van Cura

17. Cool stud earrings to compliment the main sparrow-inspired earring.


Originally posted by Catlin Sprague

18. Flat, silver tragus pierce ring.


Originally posted by Tera Gay

19. White pearl tragus pierce ring.


Originally posted by Monica S

20. Silver hoop tragus pierce ring.


Originally posted by Cool Nail Art Ideas

21. Cute green gemstone tragus pierce ring.


Originally posted by Cool Nail Art Ideas

22. Loop tragus pierce ring but with two circle bullets on both ends.


Originally posted by GuillermoLapierre Evenden

23. Be careful of this sharp tragus pierce ring because you might get a wound.


Originally posted by Cool Nail Art Ideas

24. Fishbone silver tragus pierce ring.


Originally posted by Cool Nail Art Ideas

25. What tragus pierce ring design is this?


Originally posted by Cool Nail Art Ideas

26. Double tragus piercing.


Originally posted by Ashley Sherrod

27. This photo makes the illusion of having two tragus pierce rings, but actually there’s just one.


Originally posted by Jessica Michelle

28. Extremely weird earrings design. This is one photo which can make me think twice about piercing my ears.


Originally posted by Cool Nail Art Ideas

29. Silver tragus pierce ring.


Originally posted by Xaman Kryger

30. I don’t know what this design is. All I know is that the ring is made out of copper.


Originally posted by Miranda Mauk

31. Elephant-designed tragus pierce ring.


Originally posted by Jack Martin (

32. Elegant purple and silver gemstone tragus pierce rings.


Originally posted by Taylor Opritza

33. Silver key tragus pierce ring. What could it possibly unlock?


Originally posted by Jamie

34. I really love this silver cross tragus pierce ring. But I’m still not going to have my ear pierced.


Originally posted by Madison Paige

35. Chanel-inspired tragus pierce ring.


Originally posted by Lucretia Haught

36. Another odd-shaped gold tragus pierce ring.


Originally posted by Gracie Craft

37. All gold-colored earrings.


Originally posted by Jo Hollingsworth

38. Cute color combinations of earrings.


Originally posted by Ansley Pasold

39. What kind of tragus pierce ring is this? Do you notice the blood on the site of the pierce?


Originally posted by ANATOMETAL

40. Do you feel the dark and mysterious aura of all these earrings?


Originally posted by Ariel B

After having a glimpse on how a tragus piercing looks like, my mind still hasn’t changed a bit about having one. Though it looks good, I still can’t imagine myself piercing this very part of my body. Having earrings for men would definitely be a good idea and women having belly rings would also be cool. But I’m not so sure with regards to tragus piercing. But anyway, that’s just a personal opinion. Always remember that the most important thing when going for something quite challenging is self-confidence and standing by your decision no matter what happens.