Septum Piercing

Septum Piercing

30 Septum Piercing Designs To Get In Line With Celebrities

The septum piercing is definitely having a moment and this didn’t start now, but last year. Rihanna and Lady Gaga were seen sporting such type of piercing, so if you want to get in line with the celebrities, here are 90 designs among which you’ll definitely find one that suits you!

What do you need to know about septum piercings? Well, for starters, no one will actually pierce the cartilage that separates your two nostrils. There is a thin layer of skin between the cartilage and the bottom of your nose. That’s the one that gets pierced and is able to support a jewel.

Will it hurt? Yes, it will pinch a little and you will probably shed a tear or two because of all nerve endings connected to your eyes. However, you’ll be fine after a couple of minutes and completely pain free after 2 or 3 weeks. It will take longer for your new piercing to fully heal. Specialists urge you to care for your piercing for 6 months until the hole is formed and all the tissue becomes intact.

A septum piercing is incredibly versatile. You can make a statement by wearing it or hide it whenever necessary. Since the area that actually gets pierced is not exposed, you will not suffer the trauma of getting scarred. I can’t see any downside to this type of piercing, so let’s take a look at gorgeous chicks wearing one!

90 Septum Piercing Designs To Get In Line With Celebrities


1. Cleopatra look with classic jewel

septum piercing (1)

The variety of septum jewelry is overwhelming, so prepare to see lots of designs!

2. Jeweled bead on a nose ring

septum piercing (3)

While the shape of the nose ring stays the same, the afferent bead and color may change according to style.

3. Meet the tribal septum ring

septum piercing (4)

Every type of septum piercing jewelry is named differently. This one is called tribal septum ring.

4. The golden horseshoe ring for septum

septum piercing (5)

Generally speaking, horseshoe rings are suited for multiple body parts, not only for the septum.

5. Horseshoe septum jewel with tiny beads

septum piercing (6)

As an alternative to the previous example, this woman is sporting much smaller beads. Their style is similar though.

6. Natural beauty enhanced with a nose ring

septum piercing (8)

Getting a septum piercing can enhance your natural beauty. This girl is a perfect example in this regard.

7. Pointy extravaganza for your nose

septum piercing (9)

Faux jewelry is available both online and in stores. This one looks like a faux piercing, but it features all the advantages of a real one.

8. Wear a princess’s crown in your nose

septum piercing (10)

If you ask me, this jewel design looks like a princess’s crown. Placed upside down, it embellishes the septum in a very elegant manner.

9. Princess crowns for princess noses

septum piercing (12)

There is a princess inside every one of us, so you might secretly want this design for your nose!

10. Septum clicker with tiny stones

septum piercing (13)

You can go from paying $1 to hundreds of dollars for a septum jewelry. This particular one looks expensive to me thanks to the precious stones and the golden color, which may indicate actual gold.

11. Septum jewel with blue beads

septum piercing (14)

Depending on the size and shape of your nose, you can opt for more elaborate jewels like this one.

12. The silver horseshoe ring

septum piercing (15)

This is probably the most classic type of piercing ring for your septum. Most salons will have this design available anytime and recommend it too.

13. Flat tribal jewel design

septum piercing (16)

The position of a septum piercing favors flat designs too. This one is of tribal nature and of medium size.

14. A classy septum retainer

septum piercing (17)

The type of jewelry this gorgeous babe is wearing is called septum retainer. Basically, it is meant to keep the hole from closing and it can be hidden without causing inconveniences.

15. Medium-sized black horseshoe ring

septum piercing (18)

Some of the most nonconformist girls choose medium or large sized horseshoe rings that are black. They are counting on the contrast created by such dark color.

16. Small-sized jewel shaped like a horseshoe

septum piercing (19)

If you are pale, picking a smaller black jewel will have the same effect.

17. Thin ring with enclosed bead for septum

septum piercing (20)

Everything looks so good about this girl, isn’t it? Her choice in nose ring rules because it perfectly frames her face!

18. Golden accessory for your nose

septum piercing (22)

Golden is preferred by celebrities right now, as well as the infinity ring and a few other designs too.

19. Clicker septum ring with tiny beads

septum piercing (23)

The clicker septum ring is a convenient type of jewelry for a septum piercing because it is easy to insert and take out. Those that have beads might require more skill than these ones.

20. Stay natural with a septum jewel on

septum piercing (24)

Makeup doesn’t affect the septum piercing because it doesn’t reach it. So, you’re free to wear or not wear makeup with this awesome piercing type.

21. Less decorative design for simplicity

septum piercing (25)

Are you the type of girl that likes simple things? If so, this type of jewelry is for you!

22. The big gold trend

septum piercing (26)

Gold is a big trend these days among celebrities and regular people as well. Don’t miss any chance to be fashionable if that’s what you wish for!

23. Jewelry maintenance after makeup

septum piercing (27)

As you can see, this girl didn’t clean her upper lip piercing after she did her makeup. This is definitely unhealthy if the piercing is not healed and unaesthetic even if it is healed. Septum piercings have the advantage of getting away less smeared.

24. Solid gold nose jewel

septum piercing (29)

If you like gold and you’re not exactly rich enough to get genuine gold, then you don’t have to worry because there are imitations everywhere!

25. Silver flower nose ring for septum

septum piercing (30)

Flowers, butterflies and rubies fit nicely with the shape of one’s nose. That’s why they are popular designs among septum jewelry.

26. Golden pearl septum piercing

septum piercing (33)

Pearls are classic accessories for classy women. Their shape is now incorporated in nose jewelry for diversity and class.

27. A ring of golden pearls

septum piercing (34)

What’s on the outside of the nose looks like a pearl ring. However, things are different on the inside.

28. The silver infinity ring

septum piercing (35)

Celebrities like her made the infinity ring popular. What’s so appealing about this jewel is the fact that it looks like a perfect circle that has no beginning and no end. Cool, huh?

29. Rihanna and her faux nose ring

septum piercing (36)

As far as news go, Rihanna’s septum piercing is not real. However, she chose an incredibly good looking faux design that compliments her nose and lips shape.

30. Septum jewel matches nostril jewel

septum piercing (37)

If you’re not new to the piercing world, then you probably have other nose piercings and you’re wondering if a septum piercing would match the other ones. The answer is, yes!