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35 Nose Piercing Designs Ranging From Normal To Shocking

When it comes to nose piercing, you can rely on the ol’ nostril piercing, but you must know that your options are wider. Besides the septum piercing and the high nostril piercing, there are many other types of piercings in the nose area. If you read further, you’re in for a treat! I’ll tell you all about the rhino piercing and the Nasallang piercing. Don’t expect comforting though, because the truth is, pain is included! Furthermore, some of these types of nose piercings take a long time to heal and some never truly do.

Don’t be discouraged, now! You might be among the lucky people who get pierced and healed in no time! In order to ensure a fast healing process you should avoid jewelry that’s not made of titanium or surgical steel. Not even plastic or silicone is recommended, so make sure you gather enough patience for this body modification. Other than that, piercing your nose will change your look for the better. One or more nose piercings look cool and draw attention to the center of your face. Let’s see some pictures and solve their mysteries!

1. Blonde chick shows her double pierced nose


Nose Piercing designs1

This chick experienced 2 of the less painful nose piercings, namely the nostril piercing and the septum piercing.

2. Circular barbell and a captive bead ring

Nose Piercing designs2

While you can wear a wide number of different jewelry on your nostril, your options aren’t as wide for the septum piercing.

3. The captive ring with decorations

Nose Piercing designs3

In case you’re getting a septum piercing these days, then you must have a jewel like the one above! These are very fashionable right now and when I say fashionable, I mean red carpet style!

4. Perfectly healed septum piercing

Nose Piercing designs4

Septum piercings require a lot of care and they often stay inflamed for a short while. However, this is how they look when they are completely healed. Awesome!

5. Nostril decorated with a captive bead ring

Nose Piercing designs5

Captive bead rings are ideal for the healing period of a piercing because they can be rotated during the cleaning process.

6. Double the fun with symmetrical nostril piercings

Nose Piercing designs6

Medically speaking, women should get their left nostril pierced in order to enjoy certain benefits. This woman got both and she looks great!

7. Bridge and septum piercings on a cool guy

Nose Piercing designs7

Regardless of how hard would be for you to admit it, especially if you are a guy, this dude right here looks really cool. He is sporting a bridge and a septum piercing. The septum piercing is large-gauged, so he has guts too! Once you stretch the septum, it doesn’t go back to its initial size.

8. Lenny Kravitz and his nostril piercings

Nose Piercing designs8

Celebrities get pierced too. Do you like his look?

9. A heavily pierced girl

Nose Piercing designs9

Here we’re dealing with a heavily pierced girl who opted for nostril rings and a bridge piercing. She is obviously no stranger to pain, but you should know that bridge piercings hurt and they might get rejected by your body.

10. A simple and tasteful option

Nose Piercing designs10

If you already have face piercings, it would probably be wise to opt for a simple nostril ring to avoid crowding it.

11. She smiles with her nose too

Nose Piercing designs11

There is something about oral and nose piercings that make one’s smile more fascinating, don’t you think?

12. Go big for a guaranteed effect

Nose Piercing designs12

When a septum piercing is the only piercing on your face, then you can wear a bigger ring for a heightened effect.

13. A bridge and two Nasallang piercings

Nose Piercing designs13

I guess now is the time to tell you about the Nasallang piercings. Well, simply put, they go through your nose, piercing it more than 2 times. The end result is like piercing your nostrils separately, but it’s actually just one long, straight barbell inside.

14. Lower bridge piercing style

Nose Piercing designs14

The bridge piercing is characterized by a hole in the skin between your eyes. However, it can also be placed lower like in the image above.

15. Typical bridge and septum additions

Pierced woman portrait. Studio shot. Adobe RGB. Nikon D3.

This is how a typical bridge piercing looks like. To maintain the same direction, this person inserted a ring in his septum as well.

16. Rihanna wears a septum piercing too

Nose Piercing designs16

As I mentioned before, septum piercings are en vogue right now. If you want to be trendy and keep up with the stars, then you should pierce yourself soon!

17. Black jewel for nose piercing

Nose Piercing designs17

As you probably already know by now, nose jewelry is available in every color you can possibly imagine.

18. Captive bead ring as a popular choice

Nose Piercing designs18

Besides the nostril screw and the L-shaped nose pin, the captive bead ring is a popular choice for this type of piercing.

19. Vertical bridge and other wonderful accessories

Nose Piercing designs20

An alternative to the classical bridge nose piercing is the vertical one. In addition, this girl has a double nostril piercing and a symmetrical one. So many piercings require dedication and she’s got it!

20. Thinking about getting more?

Nose Piercing designs22

If some of you already had your noses pierced, then you can find inspiration on adding a few more!

21. Septum piercings work for classical beauties

Nose Piercing designs23

You might find nostril piercings to be more fitted for classical beauties, but if you look at this woman, you’ll notice that she looks just as beautiful with a septum piercing.

22. Double nostril studs

Nose Piercing designs24

If you like this look, you can obtain it with a couple of nostril studs, nostril screws or L-shaped pins. The circular ones aren’t recommended for both.

23. Double the trouble

Nose Piercing designs25

Who said you have to get one of each? Two of the same looks great, don’t you think?

24. The perfect arrangement

Nose Piercing designs26

If you are generally a piercing enthusiast, then you won’t settle for one nose piercing. This chick found the perfect arrangement for her face. Do you find it inspiring?

25. Commitment to beauty

Nose Piercing designs27

Beauty is relative and everybody sees it differently. Considering that this beautiful girl has stretched her septum to wear a thicker ring, it is safe to say that she made a commitment to herself and expressing her true passions.

26. Piercings instead of Bindi

Nose Piercing designs28

In the Indian culture, Bindi is the red dot you see on women’s foreheads. Judging by this woman’s overall style and the way she placed the vertical bridge, she was going for the Bindi look. Superb!

27. Double nose rings

Nose Piercing designs29

Nose piercing is a fun job that gives you numerous options to work with.

28. Black and white

Nose Piercing designs30

While some people are trying to match the color of their piercing jewelry, this chick wears a silver ring and a black ring on opposite sides of her nose.

29. Nostril curves decorated with two rings

Nose Piercing designs31

Your nostrils deserve some love, so don’t hesitate to decorate them with jewelry if that’s what you like!

30. Thin and thick nose jewelry

Nose Piercing designs32

The gauge of a septum piercing shouldn’t be thinner than 16. Less than that is considered simply too small. You can begin with a 16 gauge and then stretch it later on.

31. Matching lip and nose piercings

Nose Piercing designs33

The bright side about jewelry diversity is that you can find all sorts of tops that match, like this chick did!

32. Nasallang example with circular ring

Nose Piercing designs34

I know I said that Nasallang piercings typically involve a long, straight barbell, but if your holes are healed, you could wear a big ring too.

33. When symmetry is everything

Nose Piercing designs35

If symmetry means a lot to you, this girl’s style can be a source of inspiration.

34. Symmetry created with piercings

Nose Piercing designs36

Our faces aren’t perfectly symmetrical, but a nose piercing on each sides of your nose can definitely help with that!

35. The beauty of diversity

Nose Piercing designs37

All kinds of diversities are beautiful, including those about style, piercing shape and location. Her hippie look doesn’t really match her septum piercing, but maybe both styles define her.