Mouth Piercing

Mouth Piercing Ideas

37 Realistic Fake Mouth Piercing Ideas Without Commitments

These fake piercing ideas are for those of you who are either not sure about poking a hole in your bodies or are afraid of a little pain. I can’t say piercing your body is a commitment, but some of them do leave marks after they are removed. Some of you might not be old enough to get pierced without your parents’ approval, so these fake piercing ideas can help you experience the life of a pierced person.

Having piercings is definitely cool and it’s a way of decorating your body. Piercings are jewelries, so making a statement by wearing them is totally acceptable. Many fake piercing ideas don’t even look fake, so you have all the reasons to try one or more of the following options!

1. A septum triangle


Fake piercing ideas1

People say septum piercings don’t hurt too much, but why do that when you can wear a fake triangular one?

2. Round septum ring

Fake piercing ideas2

Fake septum rings are easy to wear thanks to your nose’s shape. They stay in place and look stylish!

3. Fake piercing ideas for ears

Fake piercing ideas3

These elaborate fake ear jewelry is impressive! There’s virtually any shape and size available for you!

4. Tribal septum ring

Fake piercing ideas4

Septum rings also come in a variety of shapes and designs.

5. A bead on your lip

Fake piercing ideas5

Some fake piercing ideas are really hard to believe since they look so real! This is the perfect example.

6. Two nose rings

Fake piercing ideas6

Simple nose rings are versatile. You can cross them for more awesomeness!

7. Fake heavy gauge

Fake piercing ideas7

Plugs and tunnels are popular among girls too. Big jewelry attracts attention and that’s something girls usually desire.

8. Personality on chin

Fake piercing ideas8

This is obviously a young boy who shouldn’t get pierced just yet, but his fake piercing ideas are already cool!

9. Fake circular rings

Fake piercing ideas9

Trying on fake rings is a great way to fool around too! This kid should not be an inspiration.

10. Tongue, lip and cheek

Fake piercing ideas10

These fake piercing ideas may turn you into a very naughty girl. You can change your appearance from nice to naughty in a few seconds!

11. Chic belly button

Fake piercing ideas11

Belly button piercings were always considered very attractive. These days, you don’t even have to pierce it in order to wear one!

12. Septum and lip jewelry

Fake piercing ideas12

These two types of piercings are easy to attach if they are fake. They might take some time to get used to, but they’re totally worth the effort!

13. Decorate your ears

Fake piercing ideas13

Fake piercing ideas range from simple to complex. These fake rings are simple, but they confer a complete look to a hole-free ear.

14. Tightening isn’t required

Fake piercing ideas14

This guy wears his fake earring too tight. There’s no need to put so much pressure on your earlobe. These things are designed to stay in place.

15. Statement septum ring

Fake piercing ideas15

Among the most shocking fake piercing ideas you’ll find statement rings that aren’t comfortable for everyday wear. This one is manly and too big to wear for more than photo sessions.

16. The black swan

Fake piercing ideas16

This goes to all swan lovers and to movie enthusiasts as well! Wearing themed jewelry is always fun!

17. A badass girl

Fake piercing ideas17

Kids grow up so fast! This girl could be a model and an actress already! She pulls off a badass image thanks to her fake piercings and her body language.

18. Nose and septum rings

Fake piercing ideas18

Wearing both a septum ring and a nose ring is too much. Luckily, there are fake piercing ideas that can be tried on before doing something permanent.

19. Black nose ring

Fake piercing ideas19

Fake nose rings come in different colors, just like the real ones. They can match your outfit or contribute to creating a different image of yourself.

20. Makeup and piercing

Fake piercing ideas20

Putting on makeup when you’re wearing fake piercings is a breeze! You can apply the lipstick and then the fake ring. Things are more difficult with real ones because they get smudged.

21. Keeping it simple

Fake piercing ideas21

You all know the saying “less is more”, right? Here’s how it can be applied in case of makeup and fake piercing ideas!

22. Pearly nose ring

Fake piercing ideas22

Your choice of nose rings can be adapted to your style. If you are a classy girl, go for a design that looks pearly.

23. Popular right now

Fake piercing ideas23

Numerous personalities from the A list wear this exact type of nose ring. It’s popular and fashionable now.

24. Exaggerate for art

Fake piercing ideas24

A simple fake piercing can turn into art if it is designed properly. This guy looks serious and involved in what he does.

25. Hanging fake piercings

Fake piercing ideas25

If the fake piercing is thick enough, you can hang different ornaments to it. She chose a realistic feather.

26. Double golden earrings

Fake piercing ideas26

Fake piercing ideas are not only good-looking, but also practical. Why put on two rings, when you can get two in one?

27. Triple black earrings

Fake piercing ideas27

If golden is not your color and two earrings are not enough, you can try three black earrings.

28. Two in one

Fake piercing ideas28

In case you were wondering how the two in one fake piercings look like, here it is!

29. Two in one plus tiny stones

Fake piercing ideas29

In order to further personalize your look, you can opt for tiny stones insertions between the rings.

30. Thicker fake earrings

Fake piercing ideas30

Discreet is not the only way to go. Choosing thicker fake earrings may offer you a different look.

31. Nose ring with tiny stones

Fake piercing ideas31

Fake piercing ideas include variations for all kinds of piercings. It’s up to you to pick the one you like.

32. Cool geometric design

Fake piercing ideas32

When I first took a look at this earring, I could swear I saw “Google” written on it. It turns out, those are just geometric designs.

33. Rings are for noses

Fake piercing ideas33

Nose rings aren’t really similar to engagement rings except this one. That’s a big stone right there!

34. Flexible nose ring

Fake piercing ideas34

Not every nose jewel has to have a round shape. This one is flexible; looking like it’s hanging from her nose. Oddly enough, her appearance is nicely enhanced.

35. Fake spiral accessory

Fake piercing ideas35

The piercing that looks fake is the one shaped like a spiral. It is obviously too heavy for her ear. However, the overall effect is trendy!

36. Black lip piercing

Fake piercing ideas36

More flashy than silver shaded ones, this black lip piercing fits perfectly!

37. Oversized sol key

Fake piercing ideas37

Without a doubt a music enthusiast, this beauty opted for an oversized sol key as her earring.