Facial Piercing

Facial Piercing Ideas- 40+ Pictures Ideas

The best celebrity Facial piercings – ever!

By Rebecca Fearn

Beauty Writer with more perfumes and lipsticks than sense. Travel-obsessive and US political enthusiast. Wednesday 25 October 2017

There are so many celebrity piercings, it’s often hard to keep track. From ears to face and body (and even a few surface piercings), the stars love rocking some cool on-trend earrings or nose hoops.

From Drew Barrymore’s tongue piercing to Rihanna‘s numerous earrings, there’s plenty to browse through below.

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Emma Roberts’ single ear piercing is simple, but does the job – especially when she wears these pretty star-shaped studs. Getty Images

We wouldn’t immediately connect Emma Watson with piercings, but she does in fact have a couple on her ears. Here she is showing them off with a statement lip. Getty Images

Kim’s back with a bang! After a hiatus from the spotlight, our fave Kardashian has been spotted out with a lip ring. We wonder if it’s real… Flynet

A big fan of piercings, Scarlett Johnasson shows off her gorgeous earring arrangement. A serious plus of having a pixie cut is being able to let your piercings do the talking. Rex Features

Paris Jackon looks the epitome of cool with her oversized earrings and nose ring. Getty Images

Katy Perry is always sporting a new piercing, but recently she’s been keeping it simple with a cool nose ring. Getty Images

We love Lucy Liu’s decorative ear piece, look at the intricate design! Getty Images

Angelina Jolie is known for her tattoos but loves a cool piercing, too. We adore this statement style. Getty

Rihanna showed off her nipple ring while sporting a see-through shirt on a night out. Rex Features

We’re not sure what we love more: Bella Thorne’s gorgeously decorated plaits or her ear jewellery! Getty Images

We love Emma Stone‘s simple yet chic three silver studs. Getty Images

Woah – we’re not sure we’ve ever seen so many piercings in one place! If anyone can pull it off, it’s Fergie. Getty Images

Jessica Biel proves a septum piercing can actually look extremely stylish and sophisticated. Getty Images

Justin Bieber keeps it simple with two large shimmering studs. Getty Images

Kate Moss opts for not 1, not 2, but six hooped earrings. Getty Images

She also likes to use cute studs. We especially approve of the anchor. Getty Images

Who said earrings had to be low-key? These totally make Katy Perry‘s look. Getty Images

Kendall Jenner shocked the world with her nipple piercing. She likes to show it off, too! Rex Features

Kourtney Kardashian rocks a humble belly button bar. Rex Features

We like Miley Cyrus‘s daring piercings, especially the cute gold nose ring. Getty Images

Perrie Edwards shows off her surface piercing. They’re only for the brave! Rex Features

Rihanna has nearly every area of her ears pierced. The earrings look stunning with this dark glossy blackcurrant lip. Getty Images

Want to give your nose ring an edge? Simply wear it like this, a la Scarlett Johansson. Getty Images

Willow Smith is a huge fan of piercings. Case in point… Getty Images

Zayn Malik looks sultry with his silver ear and nose rings. Getty Images

We’re kind of obsessed with Zoe Kravitz‘s matching gold septum ring and metallic lipstick. Getty Images

Kendall Jenner isn’t the only young star with a nipple piercing. Friend Bella Hadid showed off hers recently in this sheer ensemble. Getty Images

Beyoncé knows how to rock oversized earrings like a pro! Getty Images

If you don’t fancy a nose ring, follow Demi Lovato‘s lead with a simple stud. Getty Images

Drew Barrymore not only has her ears pierced, but also her tongue!